Choosing Floor

It’s been over a month since I last posted an update to our kitchen/whole house remodel. I got everyone up to speed with this kitchen progress post. Next in our progression was floor. Andy and I spent hours days contemplating floor options. Our house is a concrete slab so the idea of real wood on concrete didn’t really comfort us. Add in a dog and kids, real wood didn’t seem very durable. And at the time, we had two dogs living here. We will always have dogs and always let our kids to do things like ride their bikes in the house so something durable was a must.

We then explored tile floor that looked like wood. We really liked this option but based on price and installation time, we put this on the back burner.

We then looked at laminate. There are so many laminate choices and color variations that it took Andy and I about a month to agree on a color. We chose a light oak color from Pergo that was sold at Home Depot. When it came time to do the floor, we went to Home Depot to order 4 pallets of flooring for our entire house. They sadly informed us that literally the night before this floor was discontinued. #what! #insertuglycry It took Andy and I a long time to agree on a floor option. There were days we wanted dark and others we wanted light. Some days my choice looked more red in color than brown.

So it was back to the drawing board. After Home Depot told us the sad news, we went back to the floor aisle just to take another look. It wasn’t too long in that aisle when the same Home Depot associate who told us the bad news told us to check out a new floor that the store just got in. It’s a vinyl floor option called LifeProof. We took a few samples home and ordered a few boxes in various colors. When it arrived, we were blown away but the natural wood feel of the floor, the thickness of the vinyl floor and the color options. We nailed down a color that same night (unheard of for us) and ordered 3.5 pallets worth for our entire house. The color we chose is Fresh Oak.

After it arrived, we did our happy floor dance.

Before we began laying the floor, we had to determine which way we wanted the floor to run. Based on our built-ins, we decided to run it parallel to the TV. There were a few things we had to do first. The kids and I started by opening boxes and separating the floor into piles. There were four patterns of floor in the boxes so I put some painters tape on the floor and handed the kids floor tile by floor tile telling them what number pile to put them in. Liam loved this. He is always asking for ways to help us in the DIY world and this was his perfect task. He got to use muscles and was very  proud of himself.

While I did this, Andy shot the laser level on the floor to start the first row. The first row took us about 4 hours. #nojoke The thing about remodels is that in an old house, usually nothing is square. Because we had to start the floor on the opposite side of the kitchen, we had to be very careful to square and line everything up so that when we arrived to our island, the floor between the island and the stove was straight. So yea, that took us four hours for the first row. Payten knew how we were feeling. And here are some after pictures. These pictures also are after we added hardware to the cabinets and board and batten to the walls and painted the fireplace. Oh and after we bought a new couch! It’s really starting to come together and look finished after we installed the board and batten and painted. I will say there is one person who really loves the new floors for all his cars!

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One thought on “Choosing Floor

  1. That flooring is perfect! I’ve never heard of that type before and will definitely be checking it out. Diane wants her fire place white too so if you have any tips for painting brick I’d love to hear them! And bless the two of you for taking on such a huge project with 2 children running around, I can only imagine the challenges you have delt with during this whole process!

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