Saint Joseph | Michigan Trip Report

Oh Saint Joseph, you stole my heart.

To recap, we took a mini three day vacation over fourth of July to Saint Joseph, Michigan. We brought my parents and brother. None of us have been to the area or Michigan beaches so we were anxious to check it out.

First, look at how clear that water is! And the best part, no salt for the kids.

The first day we arrived, we checked into our hotel and then packed the kids up and hit the beach. We put the kids in their swimsuits and we were so certain that the water would be too chilly for us adults. #wrong. That was our biggest regret. By the end of the few hours at the beach, all adults were soaked because we just kept going a little further into the lake each time.

The beach was crowded and I can’t help to think that during the week and during a non-holiday weekend that it wouldn’t be that bad. Although it was crowded, the beach was deep and we had no problem finding a spot to sit and dump our stuff. On the edge of the parking lot they had playgrounds in the sand. The only downfall, is in the afternoon, this sand does get pretty hot but with all the kids moving around on the playgrounds, it wasn’t too bad in this area.Another feature of Saint Joseph and Silver Beach was the on-site splash pad. It’s located literally next to the beach. This was definitely a hit with kids and adults. I mean this thing was massive and every so often, the water from the ground would stop and every one would run to the middle of the splash pad and these blasters from the perimeter of the circle would shoot out water. After some splash pad fun, we all went back to the hotel to change into dry clothes and then headed back downtown Saint Joseph for dinner and sunset fun. The below picture is on top of the hill in Saint Joseph looking out onto the splash pad and the beach. That round building there is a carousel and to the left of the picture is a pizza place. Like this beach has it all. You could come here and stay all day. After dinner on the first night, we took a walk to the end of the pier. Then we sat and watched the boats pull into the Saint Joseph river and then watched a gorgeous sunset. Here’s a photo dump of that night. The next day was spent at Warren Dunes State Park. You can read about that here. That evening, we drove to the other side of Saint Joseph river and checked out Tiscornia Park. We also walked down that pier that had a light house at the end of it. Notice the photos below how crowded Silver Beach is on the right side of the river and how empty Tiscornia Park beach is on the left side of the river. Granted, there is no food or carousel or splash pad at Tiscornia Park but if you wanted a less crowded beach, you have options. Image below is Tiscornia Beach Park.  We were going to spend Monday in Saint Joseph but when we woke up there was rain and so we just decided to make the 4.5 hour drive back to Dayton and spend the rest of our long weekend working on our house. Up next is a house update, I promise.

3 thoughts on “Saint Joseph | Michigan Trip Report

  1. I don’t think Ive ever been to this exact beach or that park for the dunes but I have been to one area, I can’t think of the name at the moment, and it was beautiful! The due was huge and a blast to play on! There are so many great places to explore as a family in Michigan. If you ever want more trip ideas for MI please get ahold of me! I spent most my summers there as a child exploring the state; both upper and lower portions!

      1. Tahquamenon Falls (upper and lower falls) are beautiful if you like hiking and water falls! That is one of the places I can’t wait to show Jonathan once we plan a trip up there. Mackinac city and the island are other amazing vacation spots but they are much further north. It would make for a great time on longer trips though! Ive thought about honeymooning there! Can’t wait to see where y’all go next!

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