Weekend Wrap Up

This past week we got some surprise visitors, my SIL and her family decided to come up for a long weekend. With Andy off for the summer, they spent a lot of Thursday and Friday with the family and then again, more time on the weekend.

On Friday night, we joined our group of friends and their kids at the pool. We started this little gathering in the heart of winter and I’m loving that we’ve kept it going this long. There have been weeks we’ve had to cancel but I think I speak for Andy when I say this is such a great way to end our weeks. The kids (3 children age 4 and 3 children age 2/3) all play so well together and it’s a great way to have some adult conversation. I look forward to this time each and every week.

We kicked off Saturday with a viewing of Cars 3. My kids have been counting down for months for the release of the new movie and having their cousins in town to see it with them was even more precious. P didn’t make it the whole movie. I had her in the hallway the last 40 minutes or so but from what my husband tells me, the end did not disappoint. I was filled in on what happened and now am counting down until its release to DVD.

Saturday continued with more housework. We had to find blinds, finish painting some trim and start on getting up the floor in our hallway. There are still no countertops in our kitchen (going on 5 weeks with no sink) but I’ve grown pretty accustomed to washing our plates in the bathroom. Two more weeks and they will be here and I cannot wait.

Saturday night we headed back over to my MIL’s for dinner, smores and a baseball game. Baseball games always occur with my nephew. He gets everything set up before dinner and then once the last person eating takes their last bite of food, it’s to the backyard to play. See a short video here to recap one of our recent games.

Sunday was Father’s day and we spent the first half with my dad, mom, brother and SIL. Then we headed over to my MIL’s again for some dinner and a small birthday celebration for P whose birthday is at the end of June. She was smitten and just loved having a party with her cousins. On Monday morning when I woke for work, she kept telling me how she liked her party. I proceeded to tell her that we would have another party for her on her actual birthday and I am pretty sure I made mom of the year with that comment. I take them where I can get them.

Snapshots of the Week:

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