My Princess P

When I found out I was pregnant with a girl, I got a little nervous. I don’t know if it’s because I had a boy first or the fact I felt like I wasn’t a very girly girl. I was nervous I wouldn’t know how to raise a girl. I was nervous to raise a girl after experiencing first hand the pressures the outside world puts on a girl. Then I had Payten and she just blew me away. She is about to turn three and it’s mind blowing to me. Time seems to go faster once you have children and three years went way to fast. But it’s also this past year where Payten has really started to define who she is. One thing I love about her is her ability to get down and dirty. Our sitter jokes about how she is the only girl there (out of 6 boys) and she gets the dirtiest. Upon the arrival of spring this year, P really started discovering worms. The sitter has a sand box and the boys are always in there playing. So naturally, so is P. What’s funny though is that she has discovered worms love it in there. Even more intriguing is that all the boys at the sitters don’t really like worms. Yet P is intrigued and fearless. She is figuring them out and loves digging for worms. I love that she gets down and dirty when her brother or dad or me for that matter have no desire to touch worms on a daily basis. I love that she’s not afraid. Even though I’m not a fan of spiders or other creatures, I’ve learned early on to not be visibly appalled by them as my kids will see that and too start to be scared. I remember Liam handed me something he found once only to open my hand to see that it was actually a dead stink bug. I was horrified and yet tried to remain cool. This parents is a big test once you have kids. Now it’s playing to my advantage. If there is a spider in the house, I have two little ones not afraid to pick it up and put it outside where it belongs. #momgoals

So one morning after church, in our church clothes naturally, I caught P outside doing some research and decided to have a fun little photoshoot. Warning: worm photo overload.

So any other mama’s out there whose kids can’t keep out of the dirt or out of searching for worms every where you go?

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