Weekend Wrap Up

Since we spent a long weekend last weekend in Knoxville, it was really nice to stay home this past weekend. We kicked things off Friday night with pool and pizza with friends. The water was still very cold but it didn’t stop any of our littles from fully emerging themselves as my two knew that it’s not everyday they can go swimming. That’s one thing we are missing a little bit Β this summer, our neighborhood pool. Upon the move, we also lost our pool access. Luckily, my sister who lives 5 minutes away has a neighborhood pool that we plan to take advantage of.

The majority of Saturday was spent on the lake with my parents. My parents have had a boat since I was young, around 6 or 8 years old I believe. With adult lives and busy schedules, it’s harder and harder to make it out on the lake with them. We try to go at least once a year with the kids and this past Saturday was L & P’s first time this year. The smile on Liam’s face was just so precious. When the kid is happy and experiencing joy, you will know it. I rarely get to see that big smile on Liam’s face and boating really brought that out.

Sunday I took the kids to a splash pad in my home town. My parents went with us while Andy stayed at home and did some housework. P was just very tired and hot and didn’t really enjoy it but Liam, again in pure bliss, showed how much he was loving it with his smile.

There was a lot of playing with Lightening McQueen this weekend in anticipation of the new movie coming out. Liam even took his wallet to Walmart to get a new Lightening McQueen toy. The kids loves his cars. Last night, while I was putting away clothes and preparing for bedtime routines, I hear Andy tell Alexa to play “Life is a Highway” by Rascal Flats and the kids drove their trailers full of Lightening McQueen cars into the other room talking about how they were headed to Radiator Springs. We are all excited over here.

This weekend we did some work on the house/kitchen. Mostly Andy. We put some knobs on the cabinets, painted some walls, and hung more wainscoting. All the major items of the kitchen are complete. We still have 3 weeks until counter tops arrive and all the work that remains are minor cosmetic stuff but there’s a lot of it. Our plan is to just knock it out slowly in the three weeks to come.

Snapshots of the week

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