Kitchen Progress

When planning our kitchen renovation, there were several things we never considered. For example, the electrical contractor pushing deadlines, the floor being discontinued, Mother’s Day (in the sense that all contractors have this weekend off – and for good reason too). The past two weeks have gone very slow in the progress train. When cabinets were delivered on May 1, we thought we would be ready to install them that next weekend. We were wrong. We mis-interpreted, mis-managed, and just overall missed during this next phase. Here’s a recap of the two weeks after the cabinets arrived.

Day 1 – Cabinets arrive. Because our garage is filled with kitchen supplies and boxes of kitchen belongings, the cabinets arrived and went directly into said kitchen we are remodeling. We had 7 days to inspect and report any damage, so that night, we opened and inspected every single one. Which required moving them (and other house belongings like the couch and chairs) elsewhere to accommodate.

Day 2 – A second electrician stops by to give us a quote. The first electrician’s quote was too high and he wasn’t able to start for another 2 weeks! Lesson learned, have all your contract work lined up prior to when you want it. #amateurs We ended up going with this electrician and he said he could start in two days. We spent the remaining of the evening putting painters tape on the ceiling to map out light placement.

Day 3 – My mom and dad came over after work. We built the frame for the island (knee wall) and the frame for a small wall we are putting up to sort of “build in” an entry way.

Day 4 – Electrician called and cancelled his appointment to come out today. Said he would start the next day. #ugh I had a late meeting at work and didn’t get home until 8:30PM. My parents came over again tonight and finished installing the two walls to “build in” our foyer.

Day 5 – Our electrician started work today. It’s also a Friday so with the first day on the job, not a lot got done, but still progress was made so that’s good.

Day 6 – It’s Saturday and on the agenda was to cut out a trench in our cement floor for electrical to be run from our exterior wall to our island. To do this, you have to saw the concrete, then take a jack hammer and chip out said concrete. This is loud and extremely dusty so while the guys did this, I took the kids to Columbus to spend the day with my brother and his future wife.

Day 7 – After church, brunch and cutting the grass, we went to Andy’s grandparents house to borrow their truck. We had to get drywall into our garage in order for drywall work to begin this next week. We spent time with family and at Lowe’s making lighting decisions. #somanydecisions #somanydisagreements

Day 8 – Electrician called and cancelled his appointment to come out to the house. We don’t have a kitchen so went to my MIL’s for dinner. No work was done on the house today.

Day 9 – Electrician was back at the house and a lot (substantially all) of work was completed today. We are  so happy with all the lighting. Spent the remaining part of evening trying to decide/agree on some pendants and a light for above our table. #whyisthissohard. We also sold our original kitchen cabinets on craigslist so Andy spent the majority of the night unhooking the sink and getting all the cabinets out of the house.

Day 10 – Electrician finished their work today. Everything looks so great. We had someone pick up the old cabinets tonight. Went to my MIL’s to cook dinner. Returned home after dinner and mixed concrete to fill in the trench that Andy and my dad had dug now that electrical was complete. Here is a picture at the end of day 9. No more wires hanging down and no more trench in the kitchen!

Day 11 – Andy’s drywall guy came out to scope out the work that needed to be done. Andy had a lot of homework to do tonight in order to get the ceilings ready for drywall (add wood supports in attic so the drywall had something to nail into). The kids and I spent the evening in the garage. They played with flashlights and I started to build a faux beam that would go across part of the ceiling. The kids haven’t gone to bed until 10 all week.

Day 12 -This was night one of drywall work. Since our guy does drywall (among other things) on the side, his availability is only in the evenings, which actually works out great since that’s our availability. All the drywall got patched and hung, which trust me, is so awesome. I was so tired of insulation falling from the ceiling every time someone walked by.

Day 13 – This was a Saturday and we had high hopes for the next two days. My parents came over, along with two of my siblings and their SO. We (they) were able to hang all of our uppers along the refrigerator wall. I had to leave in the middle of the day for a baby shower but when I got back, all the uppers were hung and doors on and I was so giddy with excitement.

Day 14 – After church and grass cutting and a trip to Lowe’s, my parents came back out to help us set the lower cabinets on the wall we did the uppers on yesterday. Here is a photo at the end of Day 13. Also, the last two days my job was the faux beam we added to the room. By the end of day 13, the faux beam and half the kitchen was done. Can you start to visualize the space yet? The next few days will be a mad rush as they are coming to measure for countertops 5 days from now.

Day 15 – Our drywall guy came back and started mudding the seams of the drywall that was installed a few days ago. He ran into a glitch when the drywall paper started to peel back. Luckily, there was a solution. A chemical was sprayed on the drywall and had to sit for 24 hours. So he will be back tomorrow to finish mudding. He was able to finish mudding the two walls we built to frame in our entry way. See below for that angle.

Day 16 – More drywall work after work. A lot of progress made but not a lot of visual updates.

Day 17 – The last coat of mud on the drywall was made tonight. Tomorrow night our drywall guy will come back and stomp our ceiling. Andy and I did get one wall of our island up, but we ran out of drywall so progress halted pretty quickly.

Day 18 – Our drywall guy finished around 6:30 PM. That’s when Andy and I called my mom over to watch the kids for the night while we got to work. Our deadline was 3 PM that next day. That was the time the countertop guys would come and measure for countertops. We had to put the frame of the island in, drywall it and then hang remaining parts of the cabinet. And let me just tell you from experience, making sure a knee wall is square was going to be the death of us this night. Around 10 PM, my mom put the kids to bed and then left us. I saw the look on her face as we were struggling with the last part of the knee wall. That look was “there is no way you will get this done”. And well, after removing some drywall, re-configuring part of the wall, re-drywalling the wall, 3 AM came fast. By 3 AM, we got everything in and most everything hung with screws. Knowing the countertop measurement wasn’t happening until 3 PM that next day (or that same day), we called it a night.

Day 19 – We were up and at breakfast by 9 AM. My BIL met us at our house at noon. Andy wasn’t feeling well and I was just trying to push through. We had to screw in all the island cabinets and make sure they were all level and also build out the island with trim pieces. The countertop will hang over the trim we wanted to add so that had to go in prior to countertop coming. So that was my task on this day. I stopped at lowes, got said trim and nailed it in. With my BIL’s help, we finished around 2PM. We turned on a movie for the kids and pretty much fell asleep. But the countertop was measured so goal accomplished.

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