Silverlake Kitchen Demo

I’m back to talk about the demo on our kitchen remodel.

Demo took us about a week total. On a Friday night, my MIL took our kids overnight and we had this first wall down in a couple of hours. We went slow, with Andy’s back and all and used a sawzall to break up the wall into pieces so nothing would be too heavy for Andy or I.  The next day, we removed the main wall separating the kitchen from the living area. I insisted on putting up plastic to contain the dust as much as possible but by the time I got all the plastic up, Andy had the drywall on one side completely down. The man moves fast (or I slow, depending on how you want to look at it). Oh the dust. Clean up definitely took longer than demo. Here’s where we ended day #2. I was amazed at how much brighter everything was and couldn’t wait to wake up the next morning to let all the natural light pour in from both sides of the house. Note, there is absolutely no light in our living room side of the house so that side always felt dungeon like to me.  One question you may be asking yourself is what did you do with all the debris? Well have you ever heard of The Bagster by Waste Management? You can buy these huge green bags at Home Depot or Menard’s and fill them with whatever trash/debris you want. They are $29.95. They each hold up to 3,300 pounds (or 3 cubic yards). This is such a great solution for remodeling projects, home and garden cleanups or landscaping projects. We looked into renting a dumpster and it was $500+ for one week. The Bagster is a great solution for convenience and cost. Once you buy the bag, you simply fill it with your waste and then call Waste Management to schedule a pickup. There is a fee for pickup and the fee varies by area. Waste Management will give you a discount though for multiple bags. We ended up having 3 bags full of debris. See later in post. On a third day, a weekend day, we recruited my parents and brother to help with the remaining demo. We had the last wall to remove, plus carpet, soffits, cabinets and parquet floor. It was a long day but my family rocked it. We got so much accomplished. Let the pictures speak for themselves.Oh and just check out Barkley. He has such a special relationship with my dad. They are best friends. And the after. This is where things start to get real exciting people! One thing that didn’t occur to us until after the final wall was demo’d was the fact that the refrigerator’s water line was actually in the concrete floor. We had hoped it was a water line that ran from the exterior wall through the walls to the refrigerator. Nope it was in the concrete slab (see the big pipe sticking up in the previous photos). So we had to modify our design a little but some creative thinking solved that problem (without having to saw into the concrete to remove it, which is what we were trying to avoid). I’ve never been so excited to see a bunch of holes in the ceiling and hanging wires in my life.

This was such a physical stage of this remodel that I was glad it was done and we could relax for a few days while we hired out electrical and drywall work.

And here’s picture evidence of all of our debris. In order to get them to the end of the driveway, Andy hooked them up to the 4Runner and dragged them down the driveway. Although as photo evidence will suggest, we got smart after the first bag and drove the others through the grass to prevent the bottom of the bag from tearing. In case you need to catch up on previous kitchen renovation posts, check these out:

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