Kids Room Update

Yesterday, on DMB, I wrote a post about affordable decorating ideas for children’s bedrooms. So, since all the photos in that post are from my kids own room, I’d thought I’d share a little update with my internet peeps. This is the current state of their room. We did not paint anything prior to moving in, obviously haven’t replaced any flooring either. But BIG news guys, we are ordering the new flooring for our house THIS week! We have narrowed down the color and made a decision. More to come. Upon removing everything from the bedrooms so we can rip up carpet and install floors, I also plan to paint the walls. That’s a whole lot less trimming once baseboards are off so that is why we haven’t tackled it yet.

So let’s jump in. It’s sort of a hodgepodge of decorating items right now, which is why I wanted to document it. The current stage of not knowing what direction to go with this room. The stage of having bunkbeds and yet one child sleeps in the guest room every night so he doesn’t have to hear his sister cry at 2am (yes, she still doesn’t sleep through the night). The stage of not really liking the idea of your 4 year old sleep in the top bunk anyway because YIKES, that fall. The stage of having to bunk the beds because we downsized and their playroom (aka dining room) is going to be under construction soon and toys will need to be moved. The stage of having these awesome green curtains that only you and your son dig, but are too long and you have not really found the time to hem them. Also, the stage of life where I’m not allowed to buy an extra set of curtains so each window has two sets because that’s just how much my husband hates them. They are at Ikea if any one wants to know. And the stage of having these bunk bed stairs on the paint list but forget to pick up a can of white spray paint (and lightbulbs) every time you go to Lowe’s, which in the last week alone was about six times.

So I’m just waiting until the floors go down. Then I can pick a rug I like, paint the room, paint and reinstall the trim, paint the window trim, add crown molding, paint the bunkbed ladder, add some toy storage for under the bed, and finally hang their growth ruler. That’s my current to do list.

Payten loves stuffed animals, especially her dogs. She has a ton. Every time she goes to Grandmas or Nanas, she ends up confiscating whatever stuffed dogs they have. And you better believe that every night she sleeps with them. Every. Single. One.

Our awesome (former) neighbors (Hi Natalie!) gave the kids these wall plaques with their names on them as a going away gift. I love them so much and the memories they hold of the Harmeyers and waving to Gavin from our previous front porch.

Hooks are my friend, and yet, I never seem to have enough. Book bags, costumes, swords, masks, they just keep accumulating in this house.

These photos are held up by colored washi tape. This was one of my decorating suggestions in the DMB post. No need to spend a lot of money on expensive frames or artwork. I pulled together some pictures, art from the kids, a spider man birthday card, and the lion is from an adult coloring book that I colored. I just used the washi tape I had on hand to hang them. The best part is when I’m ready to paint, I can remove the washi tape without hurting the walls or the artwork. Any one else have a husband who hates nail holes in walls. He gets so mad every time I come in from the garage with a hammer. #loveyou!

And then, as I was taking these pictures, Gecko appeared (PJ Masks for those who don’t know).

So a few questions/thoughts I wanted to leave you with.

  1. Do you dig the green curtains or are you like my husband wondering why on Earth I spent money on them?
  2. Do your kids love to dress up? Currently my kids love to play Moana. One of them is Maui and one of them is Moana. I’m thinking I need to DIY Maui’s hook soon. Any one try that yet? Are your kids obsessed with Moana too?
  3. What do you do with all those stuffed animals? I need storage solutions.

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