8 Birthday Gift Ideas for Every Mom

Birthdays are fun, exciting and yet I always find myself never really wanting to promote mine. My kids however, I go over the top. I have found that once kids have entered into my life, I just tend to focus on them and would rather people buy gifts for my kids and not me. Also, with this past birthday, we have downsized and there was nothing I really wanted or needed. Our house was full and I tend to buy myself items as I want/need them. After a conversation with my mom, I realized that I needed to give her some gift ideas. She made me realize that as a mom, you need to spend some time and pamper yourself. It’s so easy to forget about yourself and just focus on your children and husband. I have found though that if you don’t take some time for yourself, you will get run down very quickly. It’s important for you as a mom to take some time each day and week and pamper yourself. This could be a simple five minute task of putting on lipstick or painting your nails or an uninterrupted shower with some body scrub that you’ve been wanting to try. It’s these moments that will rejuvenate you as a mom. You will leave your time by yourself refreshed and empowered to continue being a rockstar mom. It’s important to pamper yourself as a mom and let others pamper you as well, especially on your birthday!

After my conversation with my mom and some personal reflection, I texted my mom with a gift idea and it was one of the best gifts ever (spoiler: a house plant). So I thought it would be fun to outline 8 gift ideas to give to any mom if you are struggling with finding a gift.

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1 – Assorted Mini Bowls – I actually have some mini melamine bowls from Target that I use every day. I love little household items like this that are beautiful and yet so functional. I serve my kids fruit in these mini bowls each day because heaven forbid the fruit juice touch other items on their plate. These bowls are my solution of taking one parent grievance (i.e. kid throwing a tantrum because of the juice from their pears) and turning it into a favorite dinner time routine. Any mom would love these in their kitchen.

2 – Actual Handwriting Bar Necklace – Ok so I have to brag here. My amazing SIL actually got me this gift for my birthday. In the beginning of January, we took a family trip to Gatlinburg. That whole weekend, she insisted on trying to get my kids to write their name down for her. She’s a teacher so I didn’t think much of it. Fast forward to March. As I was opening this gift I actually got tears in my eyes. It’s such a perfect way to capture your child during a specific stage of life. Since January, Liam has improved his name writing skills so even to see his handwriting from a few months ago brought back memories.

3 – Wide Angle iPhone Camera Lens – I love family selfies just as much as the next mom. With this wide angle lens for your iPhone, you can now get the whole family in one single shot.

4 – Brit + Co Make a Macrame – Mom crafts. I love when I’m able to get a few moments away to just sit in peace and quiet and craft. Doesn’t happen too much but it’s one of my favorite things to do. Well anytime you can find a mom craft kit, like these from Brit + Co that are available at Target, it’s an opportunity no mom should pass up.

5 – Lancome Lipstick – Chances are, if you are a mom who wears makeup, it’s makeup that can be either found at your normal pit stops like Kroger or Target. I rarely splurge on myself for makeup. Also, I’ve learned lately that just by adding some lipstick and mascara to your everyday look can really make you feel put together. Splurge on mom with a nice brand of lipstick in a complimentary shade like Rose Boudoir by Lancome. It’s a gift no mom will really buy for herself and yet she will use it all the time!

6 – Snake Plant – House plants. I’m a fan of them. They warm up any interior space, add vibrant colors to your home decor and also eliminates toxins in your home’s air. You can by houseplants virtually any where these days. I find Lowe’s and Ikea to have really affordable ones.

7 – SUGARFIX Beaded Tassel Earrings – These can be found at Target. It’s BaubleBar’s new brand for Target and there are so many pieces to choose from. I love these tassel earrings. The one thing I love about this line of jewelry is that you can simply wear some tassel earrings with a plain t-shirt and jeans or for your work wear. They are so versatile.

8 – Framed Paper Doll Portrait – I LOVE this! I have been wanting one for awhile but have yet to pull the trigger. These portraits are hand made and just simply fantastic. I’m in the process of pulling together pieces for a gallery wall in our new home and this is definitely on my wish list. Any mom would love this gift.

So there’s a few gift ideas for you. A few additional things I’ve thought of but didn’t include above include some pajamas, roller ball perfume or just simply a gift card to Target. Moms can be some of the hardest people to buy for because we focus so much effort on our little ones we rarely think of ourselves.

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