Snippets of Our Life Lately

As an accountant, January through March is just really busy. Throw in a back surgery for Andy and the first quarter of 2017 has just flown by. Running around trying to squeeze in work wherever I can, I have little time during these months to create or write or photograph. It’s always with the start of spring that I get rejuvenated. I set goals of writing every day, goals of taking at least one DSLR picture every day. And yet I fail. Nights are just so busy. I often fall asleep with Payten as she asks me to just lay with her for two minutes each night. I often don’t even think to break out my camera during the week. I think about normal routine in our household and I have this urge to document it, either through journaling or photography. Most likely it will be through photography. So that’s what I want to focus on more this year. Documenting this stage of life. Documenting this season, this view of life.

Spring is officially here and yet I find myself dressing for spring and mother nature still providing cool temps in the upper 20’s. However, there are days where it’s gorgeous out and we seize those opportunities. This is our first spring in our new house. Our house was previously owned by a women in her 90’s! According to our neighbors, she was meticulous about her flowers around the house. It’s been exciting to see  what we will have to work with at this house. Our goal is to do a bunch of yard work this summer and fall so that the plants we want to plant (i.e. hydrangeas!) will begin to grow over the years. With this being our third house, one thing I’ve learned is that the first project always needs to be landscape. It takes plants a few years to get to the growth stage that you desire of them. So plant the plants you want in the first year you live at your house. In a few years, you’ll be glad you did.

Payten loves to check on the flowers each and every night. She walks around the house and tells me what she sees. We use to have daffodils in our front bed but every time one has sprouted, she would pull it and bring it inside.

Winter was mild for us this year. We didn’t get as much snow as I would have liked but now that Spring is here, I’m ready for the trees to start sprouting and making my drive home from work a little less drab and a little more green.

This year I’m going to try a garden with the kids. In our previous house, our backyard was shaded 90% of the time and it was hilly so I wasn’t able to plant a garden. This house came with a garden bed. It’s next to our shed so I’m not 100% sure how well it will grow certain vegetables being in the shade for the second part of the day but we are going to try it. There was a lot of grass and dirt piled on the bed when we bought it so step one is to level it out. I’ve spent a whole 8 hours on leveling it out already and I’m only 1/2 way done. I’ve researched some vegetables that will grow in partial shade so we are going to focus on those and then I’m going to try two tomato plants in planters for our deck. More to come.

I love living in a smaller house. Everyone is so close and cleaning, like deep cleaning the entire house only takes us a few hours. However, our dining room constantly looks like this as we lack proper toy storage. We plan to expand our kitchen into this space (hopefully soon!) so I’ll have to figure out toy storage solutions soon, and fast. I could start by putting their camping chairs outside with the other fold-able chairs. No clue how they ended up in the house.

Liam loves sports. Every day he puts on gym shorts and a t-shirt. The boy won’t wear anything else and if I try to make him wear a pair of jeans for just a 2 hour dinner in a restaurant, he puts up the biggest fight. One way I win that fight though is to tell him he’s going to match daddy and then he obliges. Always looking up to his father. I think I need to start looking into a soccer team for him for this spring. I wonder if I’m too late? He’s always playing soccer. And yes, he wears his cleats inside and on the carpet. The carpet is probably 30 years old and will get ripped out this year so I’m not too concerned. Plus he’s got to practice. At least that’s what he tells me. 🙂

Payten’s favorite past time is coloring. We’ve been practicing writing Liam’s name with him and of course little sister wants in on the action. She’s two and a half and can write half of her name by herself. She’ll do fine in school. I’m sure of it.

Here’s another random thought/struggle. Any other moms struggle with children and technology? We went to an adult only St. Patrick’s Day get together last Friday and all the moms were talking about the struggle we have with technology. You want to limit their screen time because your pediatrician constantly scolds you for how many hours a day your child should be in front of a screen. But then you think about technology and the future and you know your kids will need to understand and know certain technological things. Like how to use a mouse. I mean Andy teaches junior high kids and all his tests are computerized. ALL OF THEM! They need that knowledge and yet don’t need too much of it. Figuring out the right balance for your kid is difficult. We are actually looking into ABC Mouse for Liam just to help him get a little bit of a head start on school. He would rather play soccer or play with cars or run around the house 20 times before he sits down to practice writing his name. And yet Payten would prefer to write her name rather than do a bunch of other things. Each kid is different and constantly changing. I’m just trying to stay up to speed and give them the tools they need to succeed. Didn’t mean to rhyme there. I just finished Hamilton: The Revolution and am so amazed by Lin-Manuel’s genius ability to write lyrics and rhymes. It’s got me thinking about rhymes in my spare time. #iwishiwaskidding

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