Toddler Valentine’s

There are only a few more hours left to this Valentine’s Day and I wanted to share a quick recap of some Valentines the kids made for their Grandmas. The idea was simple, I wanted to create a large Valentine, you know the one’s you use to make back in the day, before the store bought foldable kind. Think big hearts and even bigger decorations.


For this I simply cut out two hearts from a cardboard box. Then I l taped crepe paper around the edges. This craft is two parts. Day one the kids painted. Now pink and red are not usually a boys favorite color so I basically let him one color of choice and then fills the empty space with shades of pink, reds and white.

img_4127 img_4130 img_4136 img_4137

Once the hearts were dried, I used glue to write out a message, in this case “luv u”. Liam and Payten placed pom noms until they could see nor more glue.img_5540web

This is great for hand eye coordination as well as teaching letters. Liam spent at least a whole minute creating a letter and now knows the letters L U and V. Then I just let them go to town, decorating with whatever they wanted, however they liked. No boundaries.
img_5541web img_5539web img_5579editwebimg_5546editweb

Any one else out there create home-made Valentines? Send me a picture if you did. Andy tells me I do too much for Valentine’s Day and I think it’s because we are stuck inside a lot during winter and in my opinion, there’s no better time to craft. Happy Valentine’s Day! xoxo

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