Boonshoft Museum of Discovery | Dayton’s Children Museum

Upon moving back home to the Dayton area, I made the decision to switch from being a contributor with Cincinnati Moms Blog to the Dayton Moms Blog. It made sense geographically speaking but one real reason I wanted to make the switch is because I want to explore Dayton as a mom. I grew up here but ever since moving back, I feel lost. There are new roads, new areas of Dayton that weren’t there when I was growing up. I’ve made a commitment to myself to explore this city with my family. I want to find those amazing spots my kids love. We had those in Cincinnati.  Now we need to start over. To really make Dayton our home.

So over Christmas break we met up with some friends and took our kids to the Boonshoft Museum of Discovery. I have only been here one time previously and it was prior to having my own children. I knew they would love it but also wondered what they’ve changed since I’ve been here.

Right when you walk in, there is this massive water table. To be honest, my kids would have stayed here all day. There were boats and water falls and pipes to create water systems. The fun thing about this water table though is that it’s for all ages. Of course my kids were a little young to really understand the purpose of the water exhibit. There were various stations throughout the table teaching kids about water preservation, water systems in the Dayton area, water waste management and water conversion efforts. It even showed visually how much water a human consumes in their home on an average day. This exhibit grows with your kids as they grow and increase their understanding.

img_4949web img_4950web img_4956web img_4976web img_3005img_4982web

My children’s other “favorite” exhibit was the Explorers Crossing Exhibit. This area depicted real life and I’ve learned through having children the importance of playing “house”. In this area there was a grocery store, pizza kitchen, court house, veterinary clinic, and recycling center.img_4983web img_4988web img_3006img_3041img_3044

The last exhibit they loved and spent a lot of time in was the Discovery Zoo. We saw otters, porcupines, meerkats and of course, poison dart frogs who P stared at for probably 30 minutes #notexaggeratingimg_3009

Andy was pleasantly surprised at how much he loved the museum.  He’s always hesitant when I say I want to go somewhere new, especially if museum is in the word. The kids had a blast too but I will say after a trip, I have some tips for those interested in checking it out.

  1. It’s very stroller friendly however, I would stick to just a backpack next time. I mainly brought it to pile all of our coats and food onto so I wouldn’t have to carry it. However when we got there, I noticed they have a coat room that you can use for FREE. Next time.
  2. There is a cafeteria there but they do not offer food.  So bring snacks and water.
  3. Plan on being there for two hours with toddlers. This was about their max they could do before needing a nap. And trust me, you’ll want them to have that nap.
  4. Since we were never there before, we didn’t even think about a membership when we bought tickets. Memberships pay for themselves in two trips so something to consider when you purchase tickets.
  5. There is a gift shop so avoid that upon leaving.
  6. Parking is free! Which is a big bonus compared to some of our favorite spots in Cincinnati

So that’s our recap of our experience with Boonshoft and I’m already planning a day to go back. Have you been? Planning to go in the future? Maybe we will meet you there! When we went over Christmas break we went with our friends but ran into so many others we knew and grew up with!

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