A Pasta Necklace…for Valentine’s Day

One of my favorite things to do growing up was to make necklaces and bracelets out of anything I could find.  My cousin Danielle and I would spend summers making jewelry out of dandelions and try to “sell” them to our other cousins.  Those were the days.  Payten is finally old enough to start using those fine motor skills so I thought it would be fun to introduce her to this world of necklace making.  And in the spirit of Valentine’s day, I kept it pretty pink.  Also, just to warn you, I’m so in the Valentine spirit so I have lots of Valentine’s Day posts coming from here until the big day!

On this particular morning, Andy and Liam were at basketball so P and I sat down to her favorite Barney playlist and started painting.  This girl could paint all day every day.  This craft did not cost me a thing either.  I simply grabbed a handful of pasta, paint and glitter and just sat across the table from her and let her go to town.  It was very therapeutic for me to just watch her in her element while she sang away.  It’s nice to disconnect and just observe your children doing something they love.  I know she’ll grow and I’ll have less and less of these experiences so trying to grab them all up now while she lets me watch her do her thing.

img_5348web img_5350web

The end result. I let her string the macaroni and the beads onto the necklace, which was a great test of fine motor skills for her.img_5454editweb img_5458web

The best part, I won’t care if the dog gets this or she steps on it and it breaks, like so many other necklaces.

And while I was in her room, I grabbed some shots of her and her doggies. Grandma and Grandpa just gave her the palmation the previous night.  She named that one lucky.  The other dog she got for Christmas from Santa and named her Priscilla. img_5479editweb

When we ask the kids what they want to be when they grow up, P always responds doctor (I think because she’s been to the dentist, pediatrician and urgent care so much lately).  I then ask if she wants to be a doctor for animals or people and of course she responds with animals.  I hope she keeps that animal loving spirit.  It’s not something I had until I was older and even then, I limit my spirit to certain animals.img_5493editweb img_5495editweb

So there you go, a simple toddler craft…which is my kind of craft.

Toddler Valentine Pasta Necklace

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