Snow in Gatlinburg TN

The past couple of days has been busy.  Between Andy’s basketball schedule and two visits to urgent care with the kids, I didn’t accomplish anything on my weekend to do list.  Not even the grocery, which you would think was a sin in this house.  Kids are still in shock there are no pop tarts for the car ride to the sitters in the morning.

Also with this weird weekend I just want to say how weird this winter is.  It has rained SO much and I just hate it.  Well maybe not hate, but strongly dislike.  There is mud permanently affixed to our dogs paws and I feel like I’m not getting any sunshine in my life.  It’s just so much more gloomy when raining versus snowing.  So this post is taking me back to the beginning of January when we did experience snow during our weekend stay in Gatlinburg.  So here goes.

For Christmas, my parents gifted us (my siblings, significant others and us) a weekend away in Gatlinburg.  However as there are two accountants in my family and a significant other who works every other weekend, the getaway had to take place in early January.  So the weekend after New Years we headed down to Tennessee for some R&R.

We stayed in a cabin up in the mountains.  You can find the specific cabin here.  For awhile there, we were nervous if this trip would even occur as my parents booked it back in November, before the wildfires.  There was so much tragedy that hit Gatlinburg and Tennessee with the wildfires we weren’t sure what the conditions would be like.  It was strange driving through the town to see random buildings burnt down, trees blackened from the smoke.  But it was pretty awesome to see the city thriving.

The agenda for our three night stay up in the mountains was simple: watch movies, play games and eat.  The second night it snowed 8-10 inches overnight so that next day made for some pretty great adventures with the kids.  We had plans to hike but we were snowed in so just took the kids outside.  Luckily, I brought their snowsuits just in case.

img_5103editweb img_5107web img_5114editweb
img_5141editweb img_5144editweb img_5160editweb img_5166editweb img_5183editweb img_5216editweb img_5231editweb img_5232editweb img_5241editweb img_5247editweb img_5250editweb img_5261editweb

Ok Ohio, I’m ready for more snow, any day now.

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