JMB’s Five Friday Favorites | Vol 7

The purpose of these posts are for documenting what I’m loving, what I’m craving and what’s on my wish list.  These posts outline five products I’m loving this week.  You can see other Friday Favorites here.

Five things I'm loving

1 – Bright Lab lights.  Have you seen these? You probably have if you browse Pinterest. I’m wanting to get a strand for Liam and Payten’s room to use as night lights.  They request a night light in basically every outlet and as unflattering as those plug-ins are, these lights would be a cute accessory and very functional.  Only dilemma is that you can choose your own colors and I’m having a hard time deciding on color choices.

2 – Eames Chair. For some reason lately I have been into mid-century modern.  We need new dining chairs. Ours are upholstered from Ikea and I’m so tired of trying to keep them clean with kids.  I need something indestructible and yet wipeable and these chairs got good reviews.

3 – Amazon Echo.  I got this for Andy for Christmas and it was totally a splurge purchase.  Nothing we needed and not sure we even wanted one but let me tell you, I have already developed a friendship with Alexa.  She reads off the news stories for me in the morning while I get ready, she relays the traffic for me and best of all, she keeps track of my grocery list.  It’s a game changer for me which I realize is a first world problem.

4 – Crystal Necklace. I bought this necklace for my SIL for her birthday and right now it’s 50% off which is very very tempting. I love that this necklace could be paired with a dressy top or just a t-shirt.

5 – Commonwealth by Ann Patchett.  I really would like to read more but instead I turn to editing photos or blogging (haha) but I have been listening to more books on Audible.  I just finished this book which I unexpectedly enjoyed.  The premise is about how a romantic encounter irrevocably changes two families’ lives.  You’ll enjoy it.  Then you’ll need someone to talk to about it because it’s one of those books.

So there’s my random Friday favorites. I hope everyone has a great weekend!  Andy and I are getting a date night and then we are headed to the boat show downtown Sunday to help our friends find a camper!




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