Christmas 2016 Recap

I posted about our Christmas decorations here.  Today I’m recapping our Christmas season with the kids.  Really though, this is just a photo dump of random Christmas pictures.  Warning: there are a LOT of photos.  I’ll leave it at that.

img_1578 img_1614 img_2341 img_2571 img_2797 img_2866 img_2867img_4665editweb img_4670editweb img_4672editwebimg_3706img_3707img_4719editweb

Christmas morning I didn’t get very many photos. Instead, I set the camera up on a tripod and recorded a video of the kids unwrapping their presents.  Did your parents ever do this? My parents have every. single. Christmas. recorded and it’s amazing.  I’m not going to post that video for a couple of reasons.  #1, its personal and something we can keep just for us and #2, it would bore you.  The total video is about 30 mintues #yikes.  My kids are definitely those who open one gift and play with that one present for 10 minutes before opening another.  It’s seriously a long process.  Payten actually didn’t even finish that morning.  We took the remaining gifts to my parents that evening.img_4722editweb img_4726editweb img_4731editweb

Liams “big” gift this year was this gray car track.  It’s from 1994 and I found it on Craigslist.  It was a whole tub for $15.  Ebay has some of these track sets as vintage for a few pieces for $35.  Definitely won the jackpot with that one.  My brothers had this track when they were young and my parents held onto it.  It’s Liams favorite when he goes over there so I was determined to get him some and Craigslist came through for the win.
img_4747editweb img_4751editweb

Every year I try to get a photo of the family in front of the Christmas Tree.  One of the kids will have the remote and just snap away while we, the adults, try to gain order.  Here’s how that photo went down as we tried and tried and tried to get the dogs in the photo too.img_4780editweb img_4784web img_4792web img_4772editweb img_4797web img_4798web img_4813editweb img_4828web img_4846editweb

Another annual photo I just try to grab is a cousins picture all in their Christmas jammies.  This year Santa brought Liam a Nike sweatshirt so that was hard for him to try to stay in pajamas.  It was a fail but at least I got him to wear the hat!img_4887editweb

I hope everyone had a great Christmas!  It truly is a magical holiday with children.  Now to taking down the decorations…what a daunting task.  Until next year…

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