2016 Family Photos

For Christmas this year, I gifted myself with a mini photography session by Bird & Rose Photography.  Yes, I use to take photos for people as a side gig but to be honest, it got to be too much for me.  So yes, I sometimes call myself a photographer.  And yes, I totally could have dressed my kids up and taken their photo at a Christmas tree farm.  The catch here though is No, I am not successful at taking a family photo with a tripod.  My toddlers would never go for that sort of thing.  Also, I think it’s very important that I am in photos, something my family struggles with.  I love taking photos and I’m always the one with the camera but one thing I’m not good at is asking if others will take photos of me.  Even in these photos below, my hair was a mess, it didn’t hold the curl I was hoping it would, the morning getting ready for these was rushed, etc. but I love these photos.  This is me and this is my family and I love that I spent the money and made Andy drive the hour to the tree farm to get these.  It was cold and the kids were over it after about 15 minutes but the photos below are the best Christmas gift I could have ever received.

On a side note: one of the real reasons I signed our family up though is my love for Shay and Katie at Bird & Rose Photography.  As a photographer, they are two that I turn to for inspiration on a regular basis.  I absolutely love their work and they make such a great power house team.  So yea, when I saw they were having Christmas mini sessions, I emailed right away.

whippfamilyphotos-2 whippfamilyphotos-3liam-1 payten-1 whippfamilyphotos-10 whippfamilyphotos-13 whippfamilyphotos-15 whippfamilyphotos-16 whippfamilyphotos-18 whippfamilyphotos-19 whippfamilyphotos-21 whippfamilyphotos-23 whippfamilyphotos-24 whippfamilyphotos-29 whippfamilyphotos-32 whippfamilyphotos-34 whippfamilyphotos-36 whippfamilyphotos-38 whippfamilyphotos-40 whippfamilyphotos-42 whippfamilyphotos-43 whippfamilyphotos-44 jenna1 whippfamilyphotos-49 whippfamilyphotos-53So there’s our mini session recap.  Do you get professional photos taken? If so, once a year? twice? And who do you use?  After looking at these pictures, it makes me want to almost get out there and start shooting sessions again…almost.  Again, we used Bird & Rose Photography (based in Cincinnati), which I highly recommend.




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