Christmas Home Tour 2016

Christmas is my favorite time to decorate our house.  With moving around Thanksgiving, I wasn’t sure what this year’s Christmas decorations would entail.  I kept it simple with a tree and stockings.  This is the only room in our house that is Christmas-fied and for our first year in this house, I’m ok with that.  This post is also a little sneak peak into a full house tour that I hope to share soon.

This room we are turning into our dining room.  On the other side of the room is our family room and opposite wall of the fireplace is where the TV is.  This room is long and once we knock some walls down and define some space, this room will really be a cozy dining room.


Let’s start with the stockings.  These were actually my Christmas gift from my MIL two years ago.  They are pottery barn and classic and I love bringing them out every year.  This is the first year though that our stockings will be on a mantle.  In our old house, the mantle was where the television went and due to the height of that mantle, we could never put stockings on it.  img_4412editweb

I wrapped some lights around a garland and then added gold berries and gold and red ornaments. img_4419editwebimg_4416editweb img_4412editwebimg_4415editweb

Also, a trick I learned somewhere is to put lights in your fireplace! I was hoping to get some decorative birch logs to fill the fireplace while we aren’t using it and then wrap these lights around but haven’t made it that far.  Also I’d like to note here that you can buy plug-ins for all your Christmas lighting needs.  Last year I bought this and now with just a simple button, all the Christmas lights in the house come on and there is no need to be constantly bending over backwards in between tight spots to turn on and off your lights.img_4409editweb

With a new puppy, I also decided to keep our tree pretty basic this year.  Like every year, I switch up what I’m doing.  This year I found some awesome ribbon at Home Goods and simply wrapped the tree in it and included a few ornaments. img_4630editweb img_4632editweb img_4634editweb img_4629editweb img_4627editweb img_4625editweb

Another thing I put up every year is our advent ornament calendar.  I made this year’s ago to mimic one at Pottery Barn.  It’s just a huge cork board covered in fabric.  I then just cut out tags and wrote numbers on them.  The ornaments are hung up by push pins.  Each day the kids get to put an ornament on the tree and we count down until Christmas. Well it’s really like every other day so each kid can have their own ornament to put on the tree. #kidproblemsimg_4618editweb

On the 25th day, the ornament I always chose is that years ornament.  I try to do an ornament each year and this year I’m just waiting on some photos to arrive so I can fill the ornament with a family photo.img_4622editweb img_4615editweb img_4443editweb

And what post wouldn’t be right without a photo with a kid in it…photobombing at it’s finest.img_4441editweb

So there’s our Christmas Home tour for 2016.  Simple and yet so festive.  My favorite this year is the ornament garland on the fireplace mantle.  What’s your favorite Holiday decor item in your own house?  I also have a small collection of Christmas trees that I try to add to every year once the Christmas clearance starts.  To see past Holiday decorations check out the links below:

2011 tree 1 | 2011 tree 22012 | 20142015

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