Liam’s Fourth Birthday Party at Jump & Jacks

Liam turned four this past week.  To celebrate, I was really wanting to throw him a party this year.  To clarify, a party with friends.  The last three birthdays we just celebrated with family at our house.  Well this year, we are in transition between two houses and I knew a gathering at our house was not something I wanted to add to our plates amidst all the other house straightening up that was on our plate.  I also wanted to invite his friends.  Liam has gone to the same in-home sitter since he was nine months old and these kids are his best friends.  They play together every day and since I don’t know what the long-term future holds with our current sitter since our move up north, I knew I wanted to hold Liam a birthday party and invite these guys. So after some research on “where to have a birthday party in the middle of winter”, I stumbled upon Jump & Jacks, an indoor playground for kids.  I made a room reservation, bought a cookie cake and balloons and it was the easiest prep for a birthday party ever! I found that to have a birthday party here was a little pricy but for me, the convenience of everything being taken care of was well worth it for us.

Like every year, we utilize Great American Cookie for a cookie cake.  And I found out this year, for a $3 charge, they can do custom designs.  So I discussed some options with the icing expert and came up with the below. img_4554editweb

For favors I kept it simple, a $0.99 cup from Party City, some superhero tattoos and candy.img_4555editweb img_4556editweb

So let’s begin the photo dump of all the fun the kids had.
img_4559editweb img_4560editweb img_4567editweb img_4577editweb img_4581editweb img_4590editweb img_4600editweb img_4602editweb img_4605editweb

What every present time looks like at a toddler party.img_4610editweb

The kids played in the inflatable area for 30 minutes. This time was so nice.  They reserve this room for private parties so for that 30 minutes, it was only us in there.  Parents could just stand at entrance to make sure no one left and didn’t have to worry about other kids.  So nice.img_2073 img_2090

This was Payten’s face the entire time at the party.  She was so serious.  Wanted to climb everything and really focused on getting to do everything the big kids were doing.  I kept asking her if she was having fun and she would say yes and smile but then she went back to being serious.  img_2109 img_2113 img_2128 img_2131 img_2146 img_2149

There were two little girls being so brave on this inflatable. untitled-1editAfter inflatable time, we released the kids into the playground area.  The slides were the biggest hit.  But here’s some advice I’m going to tell you parents.  This area is chaotic.  So many kids and so many obstacles with levels.  This area did give me some anxiety, not really with Liam but with Payten.  For younger kids it’s a little difficult to keep up with them.  Payten was always on the move, not fearing anything.  And to be honest, she was 100% fine the entire time.  It was me with the anxiety.  I just feared I would lose her or a kid would push her because she was so little.  What I learned though is that it’s best to just stand by the entrance of this area, monitor your kids from afar and just make sure they don’t leave the area.  Both kids had a blast and once I got over my anxiety, so did I.img_2161 img_2180 img_2186

Overall Liam had a great party and I was so happy all our friends could make it.  And I hope all the moms got their kids to take a good nap that afternoon.

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