JMB Gift Guide: Gifts for Kids


Santa is pretty much done with making toys for our little ones this year so I’d thought I’d round up a gift guide for what the kids and I are into and putting on our Santa wish list. Also, at the end of this post, I’ve rounded up some older kids toys that I love and might fall into the hands of my nieces and nephews.


1 – Don’t Wake Daddy Game. Who remembers this game? I know my kids would love playing this (although they play the real thing on weekends).
2 – Stampers.  Really can’t go wrong with anything from Melissa and Doug, especially their arts and crafts.
3 – Piano Key Stickers.  My MIL has a piano and as soon as we get hard wood floors, we hope to inherit it.  I purchased these stickers as well as this beginner book for the kids to start learning.
4 – Bedtime for Batman.  A fun book for any super hero loving toddler.
5 – Spokester Bicycle Noise Maker.  Another toddler approved accessory for their bike.  Simply attach this spokester to the bike and your kid will sound like they are riding a motorcycle.
6 – Build-And-Grow Kit from Lowes.  Perfect father/son activity.
7 – Don’t Wake Daddy.  I actually bought this game on black Friday.  All my siblings have grown up playing this game but when the topic came up during Thanksgiving dinner, none of my siblings significant others have even heard of it! Guess what game we are playing on Christmas?
8 – Our Generation Doll. I really really wanted to get Payten an American Girl doll this year but I’m not sure she’s ready for something so expensive.  This is a great alternative that I’m still debating.
9 – Kids Wallets.  These or these.  Liam loves imitating Andy and I.  He dresses like dad, plays with dad’s old cell phone, collects coin money to “pay” for things while playing so a wallet would be right up his alley.
10 – Connect Four Launchers.
11 – Kids Ukelele.  I didn’t have much music in my life growing up, outside of music class that is.  I want my kids to play an instrument (or more than one) and this ukelele is perfect for their little exploring minds.
12 – Crayola Color Alive.  Have you seen these? I can’t wait to try them with the kids. #mindblown
13 – Helmet.  Last Christmas Liam got a helmet from Santa, this year it’s Payten’s turn.  One awesome thing about these helmets (yes they are on the pricier side) is that the kids can grow with them to teenage years.  These helmets come with interchangeable pads of all thicknesses.
14 – Jumbo Toy Dinosaurs.
15 – Brio Train Track.  Every year, my kids get an expansion piece for their wooden train track.  These toys are timeless and offer years of entertainment, plus I love building new tracks with them.
16 – Bubbles.  Let’s face it, bubbles are the perfect gift year round.  Don’t forget that they freeze if it’s cold enough!
17 – Lego Juniors.  For the beginner lego enthusiast.
18 – The Night Before Christmas.  This is a pop-up book.  Make Christmas Eve even better with this one.

And as a bonus, I’ve added a few items below for the bigger kids.
Snap Circuits.  There are beginner kits and more advanced kits. Make learning about electricity and alternate energy fun. Ages 8-108.


Sewing Machine.  This one is great for beginners.  It’s portable, compact, and only 5 pounds.  Teach kids to sew without overwhelming them. These is even an awesome option for the older individual who may be living in a dorm or a small apartment.sewing-machine

Paint by Sticker books.  No mess and yet hours of entertainment.

Happy shopping! Oh and stop back and leave some comments with gifts Santa is bringing your children!

One thought on “JMB Gift Guide: Gifts for Kids

  1. Great list; thanks for the ideas.

    Santa is bringing Brio to Logan this year and I am so excited to watch him play with a childhood favorite of mine! He’s also bringing a cash register with coins and cards. 🙂

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