Liam’s First Year of Soccer

This year we decided to enroll Liam in soccer.  The decision was two-fold, the kids loves sports and two, we felt this would be a good opportunity for some toddler development.  Let me explain.  Liam is shy.  He’s cautious, reserved and just shy.  He observes before stepping in.  His heart often tells him to go have fun but his mind tells him to proceed with caution.  My thought was enroll him in a team sport where he knows no one and help him develop as a toddler.

The first couple of weeks we had to go on the field with him.  Had to help him along.  By that third or fourth week, this is what we got from him.  The pictures really explain how much he loved it.

The organization we enrolled him in was Lakota Sports Organization (LSO).  They were fantastic.  I was really late in the game in enrolling him in soccer that when a neighborhood mom mentioned it in passing, LSO was the only one I hadn’t missed registration for.  They give all kids a uniform and a soccer ball so it was perfect.

Now for the photo dump.

img_3149editweb img_3156editweb img_3168editweb img_3180editweb img_3197editweb img_3218editweb img_3223editweb img_3235editweb img_3326editweb img_3338editweb img_3359editweb img_3372editweb img_3942editweb img_3944editweb img_3945editweb img_3969editweb img_3975editweb img_3978editweb img_3994editweb

Liam has some pretty awesome people in his life.  After the eight-week season, we invited all those who have come to watch him play to come celebrate end of the season with some pizza…oh and a cookie cake #ofcourseimg_0997editwebimg_1007editweb


img_1026editweb img_1031editweb img_1044editwebimg_0997editweb

This night ended though with us in the veterinary hospital with Barkley and some intense hip dysplasia around 10 PM Sunday night.  Never a dull moment.

Overall, Liam had such a great season and we are all excited for next year. And counting down until we are old enough to play basketball.

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