House #2 Final Home Tour

Well this past weekend marked the end of our time in our second home.  As most everyone who reads this blog already knows, Andy and I sold our home in Cincinnati and are moving up to the Dayton area.  We are keeping our jobs, but changing our commute times.  We will be closer to family and that is ultimately what we are excited for…oh and downsizing.  I’ll do a post on that later.  Back to family, my sister is less than a 5 minute drive from our new house. Super excited to live close to her and her hubby.

This past Friday Andy and I rented a U-Haul and moved out of this house we called home for four years (four years to the month).  There was a lot we still wanted to do but time (and money) got away from us.  We made lots of improvements to this home over the course of four years.  We’ve come to learn what our decorating styles are with this house.  We brought our two babies (three if you count the pup) home to this home.  We’ve had birthday parties, Christmas mornings, and countless fires in the backyard.  To me, this house was the house I called home.  I loved everything about what this house offered and what this house was for us.

This post includes professional photos from Judy Gehrlich Photography. These photos were taken after we removed all photo evidence of us and the kids and just cleaned the house.  In some instances these pictures look strange to me.  These photos were not our everyday photos of how I’ll remember this house but I will say that they do show her off.  Our house has never looked better in these photos.


The front yard where neighbors would frequently gather and where we would throw the ball to the dogs after work.  The driveway where Liam learned to ride a bike.  Where Payten learned to blow bubbles.  Many nights sitting on this front porch watching the rain while drinking milk.

Kitchen is the heart of the home.  So many memories of the kids sitting on the huge island helping me cook dinner, play in flour or just be there keeping me company, coloring while I cook dinner.  Everything happened in this kitchen.002_eating-area-kitchen007_kitchen009_kitchen001_eating-area003_entrance

Long stories of Babar and Little Blue Truck and Thomas the Train told on this couch while the dogs played tug of war with a rope in front of us.

Dear office, I will miss you.  Here I spent many long nights editing photos and writing blog posts.  Payten would sit in the second chair and color or play with my calculator if I was working on something.  This was my space I often retreated to.
006_study011_great-room To the spring and fall dinners had in this sun room, the sounds of early morning crickets and smells of coffee…another retreat space in our home that I loved.  The kids and I did a lot of nature hunting out these windows.  From deer to foxes to rabbits to even a coyote (only once!), these windows were our museum and we loved every minute of it.012_outdoor-room 013_eating-area-kitchen 014_laundry 015_staircase 016_powder-room 017_stairway-to-upper-level 018_master-bedroom 019_master-bedroom 020_master-bathroom 021_master-bathroom 022_master-bedroom

Liam and Payten’s nursery, two rooms I loved decorating so much!  But like everything, time keeps moving and they keep growing.  This room was well empty before we even decided on moving.

Our guest bedroom that was really only used while my sister stayed with us while she finished up her degree at UC.  It was only for like 6 months or so and yet, up until the day we moved out, Liam called this Christine’s room.  024_bedroom-three

This room was first Liam’s big boy room and ended as their shared room.  A decision I still am following in the new house…and don’t regret!025_bedroom-four 026_full-bath 027_full-bath

And then there is the basement. Liam kept asking if we could bring the basement to the new house. His routine, no matter the day is to wake up around 6-6:30, come into our room and see if we are awake, then ask to go downstairs to play.  He has even told us, don’t worry, I can reach the lights.  This was Liam’s main hang out spot.  We did house all the kids toys in the basement so that is partly why.  The kid loves to play with toys, more than I have ever seen any kid play with toys in my life.  Like hours on end will play with cars and trains and boats.  And this basement provided such great floor space to build all those tracks.028_finished-lower-level 029_storage 030_storage 031_deck-view

My favorite spot though, throughout the whole house, was ironically in front of the kitchen sink.  The huge window that looked out unto the wooded back yard.  The memories of the kids playing outside, helping dad mow the lawn, building fires.  This window was the one I walked past thousand of times and always I would catch a glimpse of the kids, dogs, Andy, deer, the changing leaves, spring blossoms, or winters first snow.  The backyard was serene and yet full of wildlife, like the time we found a 5 ft long snakeskin by our outdoor shed!  It provided adventure and exploration for both myself and the kids.  This backyard was a labor of love and money.  We poured a lot of resources into cutting down just the right amount of trees to get grass to grow, chopping all the trees into firewood and then the diligent task of growing grass.  THIS space is what we will miss most.  THIS space is also what sold us this house four years ago, when we were sitting out back discussing our next move, when four deer walked right up to the deck.  THIS space was magic and I’m excited for the future owners to experience it.032_exterior-back 033_deck-view

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