DIY Pom Pom Pillow

Whenever I’m out shopping, I’m always thinking of making the kids shared room cohesive and yet different.  It’s a challenge for me and it basically keeps their room constantly evolving.  Here’s a recap of there shared bedroom. I painted my brothers old bunk beds white and got them some new bedding but still trying to determine the overall route I want to go.  The problem is that Liam loves blue and Payten pink and yet in my mind, I’m trying to find options to where those two colors don’t totally collide and clash.

One thing I did recently was order some fabric online from Spoonflower.IMG_8631edits

navy print | floral print

I saved some money and only ordered a quarter square for $10.  I had the middle pink fabric already on hand and bought a package of pom poms from Walmart for only a few bucks. Ignore the bad iPhone photos of the in-process tutorial.
IMG_8771editFirst step was to start at one quarter of your fabric and place the pom pom strand on top.  You want to first sew the pom poms to one side of the pillow.  You must be careful to sew on the right side of the fabric.  Because you want the pom poms to be on the outside of the pillow, you will want to sew them onto the side of the fabric that will ultimately show.IMG_8772editThen you will want to take the back side of the fabric and sew that to your pillow.

And here’s the final product.  I love it.IMG_4222editIMG_4223editIMG_4232editIMG_4234editIMG_4240editIMG_4249editIMG_4250editIMG_1397


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