Halloween 2016

Halloween came so fast this year. In fact, I barely remember October.  We’ve been busy with house projects the whole month of October that I wasn’t all that ready for Halloween this year.  Ready in the sense that I had every intention of making the kids their costumes. Ha! I even bought green fabric and other materials to make Liam a gecko outfit and just with everything going on, I just ran to the store during a lunch break and bought him one.  Maybe next year and maybe next year I’ll start on them early.  One thing I’ve realized also is that your kids need their Halloween costumes ready by mid-October.  There are so many parties and events where they go dressed up that you really need to be on top of it.  #lessonlearned

This year, I let the kids pick what they wanted to be.  Liam is really loving the show PJ Masks and his favorite guy is Gecko (probably because his favorite color is green).  It’s funny though because not many people knew what he was.  I mean parents of small kids did and on trick-or-treat night, all the children did but parents or grandparents hadn’t a clue.  Payten also didn’t really have a clue on what to be.  So I let Liam pick hers as well.  He said she should be Sophia the First (also another Disney show) and her costume was actually on clearance at Target so it happened.

Halloween fell on a Monday so on Sunday after church, we dressed the kids and took a road trip up to my parents house to practice this thing called trick-or-treat.  My parents live about 45 minutes away which isn’t too far but with my dad traveling Monday through Friday for work, we always have to trick-or-treat on the weekend with them.


And then they made my parents close the door and do it again. and again. and again. They hadn’t remembered what goes on from last year so this idea of ringing the doorbell and people give you candy was mind blowing.img_4037edit img_4062edit img_4067edit img_4070edit

After visiting with my parents, we headed over to Andy’s moms.  My SIL and two of her children were up from Tennessee for a short visit so I insisted they bring their costumes so we could get some pictures of the kids together.  Wyatt is my SIL youngest and he’s about 4 months older than Liam.  I tell you what, these two are like the best of friends even if they don’t get to see each other too often.  Liam still hasn’t stopped talking about Wyatt and how funny he is, how cool his costume was and how he really likes playing with his cousin.  I’m excited to see their friendship grow.img_4119edit

Tip for photographing children, bribe them with suckers.img_4125edit

Barkley has been staying with my MIL (long story there but he’ll return to us in about 2 weeks) so I tried my hardest to get a picture of the kids with him as we miss him living at our house so much.  img_4141edit img_4155edit

Then we headed down to Andy’s grandparent’s house to continue the candy saga.  Great Papa’s truck is always a hit wit the kids.img_4189edit img_4207edit

The next day, we went trick or treating with our neighbors and friends who have a little boy.  The kids all go to the same sitter in the neighborhood so it was fun to head out with them.img_4210edit

img_4215edit img_4219edit

So there’s a little picture recap of our littles in costume.  I hope everyone really enjoyed Halloween this year.  It was the first in four years for us that it didn’t rain on Halloween night!

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