There is so much going on in our life right now.  There are even things that I am deeply affected by that I have no control over nor do they really affect my family directly but it is affecting how I choose to live my life.  One purpose of this blog is to just be an outlet for me to gather thoughts (whether they end up published or not).

First, the power of social media is intense.  It is a platform that each individual has the choice to use or not.  But more importantly, has the choice to decide how to use it.  I found myself analyzing lately how I am choosing to use social media.  I love Instagram.  For me, it’s a database for my iPhone.  With a husband who likes to remain out of the public eye, I’m constantly challenging myself with how I want to use social media.  I’ve started to post less.  Post less of my children, post less of our accomplishments, and even post less of our struggles.  Life is full of personal thoughts, opinions, achievements, disappointments, frustrations, etc. and I’m evaluating how much of life I want or need to post.  I encourage you to reflect on the reason you use social media.  It’s up to you how you use it. Life is about becoming the best version of yourself, so let all your actions reflect that.

On the reverse, social media has the power to transform.  An old co-worker of mine uses it to keep family and friends informed of their five year old daughters battle with leukemia.  Something that has changed my life without them knowing it.  Events can be a reminder to cherish every moment you have and that’s what Sophia’s story is doing for me and my family. Shine on Sophia and be a role model for adults and children everywhere.

Other thoughts, why can’t this election be like this year’s world series…I’d be ok and happy if either team won.

Every season and every holiday I have a bucket list of things to do with the kids, some of which I view as traditions.  And yet, there are years like this one where very little on my “tradition” list is done.  This October has been full of so many changes and activities for us that we did not have much time for normal Halloween activities.  We did make it to a pumpkin patch and out trick-or-treating but we have yet to carve pumpkins, something I was really looking forward to this year.  So I think we may carve them this week.  My kids won’t know the difference.  Sometimes I think you just have to let go of traditions and do things on your own timeline.  That’s this Halloween.



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