A Week of Outfits | Vol 3

I haven’t had much time lately to post, but here’s another round up of outfits.  I repeated a bunch of stuff this week.  Which is actually my motto lately.  Grab yourself base layers and a bunch of accessories and the options are endless.   Then I went camping and wore the same exact outfit two days in a row #flanneltotherescue because it was so cold.


shirt | pants | shoes | necklace | bag

**Andy recently bought me a Fitbit and while I love it, I do miss my normal watch/bracelet accessories.  So look for those to return once my work’s Walktober challenge is finished.

Here’s my camping outfit.  Did I mention that both nights dipped into the low 40’s? So glad this picture cuts off before you see my hair.  I lived in a hat this weekend.

camping outfit

fall fashion

shirt | tassel necklace (similar) | booties | jeans | nail polish

old navy dress

dress | scarf | booties

fall fashion

shirt | scarf | tassel necklace (similar) | booties | jeans

**Another side note.  I just bought this scarf at Old Navy and I tried so hard to love it and wear it but it was so bulky on my short frame. So I folded it in half and cut it. Yep, cut it. Maybe I’ll post a picture by picture tutorial? Anyone want the other half?

fall fashion

scarf | shirt | leggings | boots (from last season)

So there’s a recap of my recent outfits.  Any favorites? Any blanket scarf tips that don’t involve cutting the scarf in half? Has anyone else cut their scarves to make them less bulky? I want to know!

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