Meddling in Medal Making

Our office hosted an Olympic competition event and I of course volunteered to make medals.  So I wanted to share with the world how I did made them and how I customized them specifically for the event.


I first went to Michaels and found these round wood circles for around $0.29 each.  I needed to make 30 medals so this was a cheap option.  I also grabbed some puffy paint (found in the fabric paint section), some red/white/blue ribbon (found at Walmart and Michaels), and some paint.

Step 1: I used the puffy paint to customize these medals.  I wrote the company abbreviation in the center and an attempt at an olive branch around it.


Let that dry for AT LEAST four hours. Overnight is best

Step 2: Use craft paint or spray paint to paint the medals.  I only had gold spray paint on hand and used craft paint for the others.  I will say that spray paint worked a lot better and dry time was faster.  I did have to apply two coats of craft paint to get good coverage on the medals.


Step 3: cut your ribbon to length and use a hot glue gun to glue the ribbon to the back of the medal.DIY Olympic Medals img_0230

Liam loved them. I’m now scheming up an Olympic party for the next Olympics in 2 years.img_0231 img_0232

DIY Olympic Medals

I’ll leave you with some fun Olympic medal facts.

  • An Olympic diploma is awarded to the top eight finishers in all competitions at the Olympic games (for those moms who love participation awards)
  • Gold medals – which are mostly made of gold-plated silver that’s 92.5% pure – which by a stunning coincidence happens to be the same as the silver medal – meaning the difference between first and second is essentially cosmetic
  • Bronze medals – which consist mostly of copper – have barely any monetary value, approximately $4

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