Sharon Woods – End of Summer Exploration

There are many things I love to do with my kids but one of my favorites is being outside and watching them discover nature.  I have found that as I grow older, my love for the outdoors also grows.  As a child myself, I remember living my life outside.  I remember the smell of the morning dew when my mom would drop us off at my grandparents house out in the country.  The crickets and birds were chirping as I walk through the wet grass to the front door.  That smell of morning is now what I love and what motivates me to get out of bed to walk the dogs.  During my teen years and into high school I found that I tended to stay indoors more.  School was full time and then sports afterwards really didn’t lend much time for me to really be outdoors.  Now that I have children, I start to think about what I’ve enjoyed in my childhood and want my children to experience the same thing.

Anyways, one thing I really want my children to embrace and come to love is this earth that God put here for us to use and enjoy.  This frame of mind has some what backfired on me as my kids literally never want to come inside, even if it’s pitch black and we have yet to make dinner, which is basically the story of our summer.  I love that they embrace the outdoors and the creatures it provides even if I don’t care for all those creatures.  Payten actually picks up each and every bug she finds and comes to show me.  It’s satisfying and disgusting at the same time.  I love that we have also found a sitter that also embraces the idea of kids and the outdoors.  Even if it’s snowing and 10 below, she makes the kids go outside for even a little, every sing day.  Her philosophy has also helped shape these kids and I couldn’t be happier.


One evening last week (Monday to be exact) while Andy was working on a tile job, I decided to take the kids to Sharon Woods Park, a park that is less than 5 minutes away.  I love everything this park has to provide but our favorite is of course the creek.  Water levels were low so we ventured down to throw some rocks and see what we could find.img_2690editimg_2694edit

This is Liam’s smile when I ask him to smile.  It’s so forced it practically hurts.  This is the same kid though that has such a great smile when it’s natural so I’m so glad I captured his “cheese” face.img_2707editimg_2712editimg_2727edit

Another side note.  I tell Andy all the time that the best thing we did was have these two so close in age.  It was a rough 2 years but we survived and now these two are inseparable.  It just makes these explorations even more fun when they have someone their age to throw rocks with.
img_2750editimg_2772editimg_2782editimg_2776editimg_2785editimg_2795editimg_2810editSo there’s our recap of just one of our summer nights at Sharon Woods.  It’s the end of September and the leaves are starting to change.  Fall is my favorite time of the year and this little adventure really has my brain spinning for more outdoor fall hikes I can do with these littles right here in Cincinnati.  If you have any suggestions, please leave them below.

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