Fall Outfit Inspiration

The other day I was having serious outfit dilemma.  I wanted to dress for fall but the temperatures here in southwest Ohio are still in the 80’s but yet the temperature in my office is around 40 degrees.  I desperately wanted to wear booties and yet when I’m outside my feet are sweating.  I was tired of wearing the same sweater at work everyday only to leave it there because outside it’s hot.  I also felt like I was wearing the same thing everyday because everyday I stepped into my office, I put  on the same sweater.

I’ve also have never really been a fall dress wearer but my favorite dress this past summer was a simple black t-shirt dress.  I got mine at Kohls for around $20 so I figured I’d try to pair an outfit using the most comfiest dress I own and my favorite booties.  Results were, I love booties with dresses and when the weather gets a little colder, I love the fact that I can just add a pair of tights.  So let’s start this post with the outfit I wore to work that day.


dress | suede booties | bag | cardigan | watch | gold fringe necklace

After this outfit, I started pairing other accessories I had and realized that the options are nearly endless.  I had so much fun rummaging through my closet full of sweaters and scarves and found a lot of combinations I’m really loving.  The moral of the post and really the moral to what I’ve found to be true in fashion is to buy your base layers, your basics, in this case your dress, and then focus your spending on accessories.  There are a number of options you can pair together to make the same dress look new, refreshed, and basically like a whole new outfit.

Here are the basics that I started with.


dress | watch | bracelet (similar for only $13) | leopard flats

 burgundy flats | suede booties | black suede booties

And here are my add on selections. Some I’ve already gone out to buy myself, some I’ve had from last year and some, like those gorgeous burgundy Kendra Scott earrings are on my Christmas list.  Remember, the goal is to pick your base layer and use what you have in different ways, not spend a fortune on a whole new wardrobe each season.  Also, I think it’s important to do your research and know what you are willing to spend a little more money on and what you are not. For me, I tend to spend more money on sweaters and wait to buy jewelry until it’s on sale.  Again, think about and know your priorities prior to doing any shopping.  Saving is more important than spending all your money on clothes but clothes, especially for me, do make me feel better and give me more confidence so I do have a budget I follow on a monthly basis.  So let’s dive in to what’s on my wish list this season.


green/blue plaid scarf | red plaid scarf | leopard scarf | purple/white scarf | burgundy poncho

gold fringe necklace | ivory tassel necklace | burgundy earrings | gold hoops | gold studs

tan cardigan | jean jacket | utility jacket | green cardigan


So here is look fall look #1 and basically mimics what I wore a few days ago. It’s very monochromatic and very me!

dress | watchgold fringe necklace | tan cardigan | gold studs | suede booties

Fall look #2 which is basically the same thing just swap out necklace and booties.


dress | watch | leopard scarf | tan cardigan | bracelet (similar for only $13)

gold studs | burgundy flats

Fall look #3 we add a jean jacket which is very easily removable from inside to outside to adjust for temperature differences this time of year.


dress | watch | red plaid scarf | jean jacket | bracelet (similar for only $13)

gold hoops | leopard flats

Fall look #4 is basically the same as #3 but swap out the jean jacket (which is more fall) for a cardigan and this easily turns into a winter outfit. This look is more winter but I had to put it in the lineups.


dress | watch | red plaid scarf | tan cardigan | bracelet (similar for only $13)

gold hoops | black suede booties

Fall look #5 is probably my favorite. Burgundy is the fall color this year and I just can’t get enough.


dress | watchpurple/white scarf | jean jacket | bracelet (similar for only $13)

burgundy earrings | suede booties

Fall look #6.  In addition to burgundy, another favorite color that I’m blushing over is hunter green.  Enter this cardigan.


dress | watchpurple/white scarf | green cardigan | bracelet (similar for only $13)

burgundy earrings | leopard flats

Fall look #7.


dress | watch | ivory tassel necklace | green cardigan | bracelet (similar for only $13)

gold studs | black suede booties

Fall look #8.  I love the idea of layering a poncho over a short sleeve dress.  I tend to get too hot in ponchos and therefore never really wear them.  Adding a flowing layer on top of a dress is something on my wishlist this fall.  I love the flow and layers it would provide and am so anxious to try this look.


dress | watch | ivory tassel necklace | burgundy poncho | bracelet (similar for only $13)

gold studs | black suede booties

Fall look #9.  Fall means I get to break out my utility jacket.  I had to use this as an option.


dress | watch | ivory tassel necklace | utility jacket | bracelet (similar for only $13)

gold studs | black suede booties

Fall look #10.  This is the last look.  I basically wanted to just switch up the scarves.  Nothing sounds cozier to me than a flowing cotton dress with a scarf so I wanted to look for another scarf option that could easily transition to winter.  And it’s on sale!


dress | watch | green/blue plaid scarf | tan cardigan | bracelet (similar for only $13)

gold studs | leopard flats

So there’s 10 outfit inspirations that not only transition that so comfy cotton summer dress into fall, but into winter as well.  And really, you could mix and match the above accessories to really make unlimited outfit combinations.  After looking through all of these, my favorite is #6.  Now I’m off to find a hunter green cardigan.

What is your favorite? Anything you would switch up?

 pinterest 10 fall outfit ideas

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