Payten’s 2nd Birthday – Part 3

P’s last birthday party was held a few weeks after her birthday when my SIL and L and P’s cousins were in town.  We spent the day at our neighborhood pool.  The kids love  hanging out with their cousins and was so awesome to have them there to celebrate her birthday, even if it was a few weeks late.

img_8837edit img_8839edit img_8842edit img_8859edit

The great-grandparents also came down for the event, which was extra special.

Unfortunately, I didn’t grab many pictures of that day.  My SIL’s family came into town a whole week in July.  We did a lot together but the best night together was the last night.  We shot off left over fireworks, played baseball, and ate popsicles.  I’ve named this staycation “cousin camp” and I’ve told my SIL that I want to do this every year.  A staycation, wether up here in Ohio or down in Knoxville.  Below is a picture of everyone, even cousins and great-grandparents on the last day. This photo is also monumental as Andy finished building this swing set the day before they left.  #timing


I love this next photo.  Andy’s grandfather came out to the home almost every day Andy put this swings together.  He loved watching Andy and I loved his company.

img_9079editimg_8875edit img_8877edit img_8885edit img_8898edit img_8910edit img_8922edit img_8952edit img_8966edit img_8977edit img_8988edit img_9013edit img_9017edit img_9018edit img_9019edit img_9025edit img_9047edit img_9056edit untitled-1

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