Payten’s 2nd Birthday – Part 2

On the actual day of Payten’s 2nd birthday, my mother-in-law, Nana, came down for dinner and cake.  It was a beautiful night.  I really wanted to make P an elaborate cake for her birthday but for some reason time got a way from me and I ended up going to Kroger that morning and baking the cake in the morning before I went to work and icing it while I was making dinner that night.  It actually was super easy and turned out pretty cute.

Again, in the spirit of P’s birthday, there were lots of bubbles.

img_8432edit img_8434edit img_8445edit img_8470edit img_8474edit img_8488edit img_8496edit img_8503edit img_8506edit img_8511edit img_8519edit img_8528edit img_8549edit img_8554edit img_8557edit img_8565edit img_8567edit img_8570edit img_8582edit img_8584edit img_8590edit img_8603edit img_8614edit img_8619edit img_8622edit img_8644edit img_8651edit img_8654edit img_8665edit img_8669edit img_8682edit img_8698edit img_8701edit

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