Payten’s 2nd Birthday – Part 1

In true Whipp form, we had three small family gatherings for Payten’s 2nd Birthday this past June.  It’s hard to get family on both sides together for Birthdays since family is spread over Ohio and my SIL in TN.  So, we decide to have 3 separate “parties”.  Side note: neither P nor L have had a friend birthday party and I think that this December is that time. Liam will be 4 and is requesting his buddies come to his party.  Yes, we’ve been talking about Liam’s Birthday ever since we’ve had Payten’s birthday.  The boy is excited.

On another side note, I’m trying to keep me motivated with this blog and have made a personal commitment to 3 posts a week to this blog.  This week, I’m going to recap all three parties on three separate days.  So here’s the first one, about a week before Payten’s birthday.  My family (all of them!) came down one Saturday and we had cookie cake!  I’ve also dubbed this year the year of bubbles.  Literally everyone gave P bubbles for her birthday, whether in the form of a bubble gun or a huge bubble wand and the girl couldn’t have been happier.  So here goes, a photo dump of that afternoon together.
img_8193edit img_8195edit img_8201edit img_8212edit img_8216edit img_8218edit img_8221edit img_8227edit img_8238edit img_8246edit img_8255edit img_8270edit img_8283edit img_8304edit2 img_8322edit img_8341edit img_8345edit img_8351edit img_8359edti img_8372edit img_8376edit img_8392edit img_8409edit img_8413edit

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