Favorite Friday Picks Vol. 6

favorite post 9-2-16

This weeks favorite post is inspired by a relaxing night by yourself. I recently made the decision to not take any more photography gigs on the side.  It was a great decision.  At the time though, I still had a whole wedding and half to finish editing.  The last couple of weeks included a lot of late nights and exhaustion so when I finally finished the last photo, I knew the next night I wanted nothing better than to just put the kids down to bed and go deep dive into some Bachelor in Paradise on the couch.  I ordered this baby foot kit I’ve been aching to try and thought I would make that first night of not editing photos monumental and relaxing.

This whole notion of a night to pamper myself in my living room while rooting for Nick to finally find love was very appealing to me and it got me thinking.  What would I go to if I wanted a whole hour to pamper myself. It wasn’t hard for me to come up with five products I’ve been wanting to try or buy. So here goes my list.

1 – Dead sea mud mask.  Is anyone a regular masker? Is that even the correct term? I’ve tried one dead sea mud mask in my life, from Target but I’ve been wanting to order this one as well as I’ve heard great things about it.

2 – This baby foot peel has had so many rave reviews and has actually been on my wish list for quite awhile.  I actually asked Andy to get it for me last Christmas and he thought I was crazy.  This is the product I finally broke down and bought this past week and applied it on Monday night.  So far I don’t have any peeling but I have read several reviews that if you do use this product, soak your feet every night to help with the peeling process.  I’ve never been more excited to have my skin start peeling.

3 – Avocado Olive & Basil hand lotion.  Seriously this sounds amazing.

4 – Humans of New York.  I am so fascinated by people.  Their stories, their upbringings, their life challenges.  I think that’s why I like blogs so much.  I’m an avid reader of the Humans of New York Instagram account and find myself reading stories late into the night.  I want this book though.

5 – This candle. I’m not a candle person but I want to be.  I spotted this one at Target during my last trip and thought about getting it.  Sounds so enticing.

Basically my perfect ME evening would be me sitting in my favorite chair, feet soaking, candle burning, face mask on, reading stories of fascinating human beings.  What would your ME night look like? I’d love to know.

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