Safety City Recap (Knoxville Travel Journal)

At the end of July, we spent a long weekend down in Knoxville/Gatlinburg with my in-laws and my kids only cousins.  Before heading off to Gatlinburg, we spent a Thursday morning/afternoon at Safety City.  I’ve heard lots of things about this place from my SIL and since we would be down there during a time the city would be open, we made it a priority to make it.

There are so many really fun places for children in Knoxville and this one did not disappoint.  We’ve loved making weekend trips down here over the past few years.  It always feels like a mini vacation away from home and yet the kids love it and all that this city has to offer.

So Safety City was started as a community service project of the Knoxville Police Department.  This is directly from their website: “The objective of Safety City is to provide an early educational program for elementary school children (kindergarten-fourth grades). The program will teach children about vehicular, pedestrian, bicycle and fire safety. The skills taught at Safety City will empower youngsters with the ability to avoid needless accidents and instill good safety habits at an early age.”

Andy and I were so impressed by this place. You walk in with your bike in tow to see a bunch of little buildings and streets set up with stop signs and actual working stop lights.  Liam just learned how to ride his bike without training wheels on 4th of July so he thought this was so cool to be able to ride on the street, learn the rules of the road, and ultimately act like he was in control of this little world.

IMG_9696edit IMG_9700edit IMG_9704edit There were also police officers on duty walking around, really just making sure all the kids were wearing helmets.  We got to talking with a few and they said funding for this Safety City comes directly from speeding tickets in the Knoxville city.
IMG_9708edit IMG_9710edit IMG_9711edit IMG_9720edit IMG_9725edit IMG_9730edit IMG_9741edit IMG_9745edit IMG_9758edit IMG_9770edit IMG_9773edit IMG_9778edit IMG_9781edit IMG_9789edit IMG_9791edit IMG_9796edit IMG_9811edit IMG_9817editIt was around 92 degrees outside this day and so hot but it didn’t stop the kids from really having fun.  I recently asked Liam when I was giving him this back to school interview about where his favorite place was and he said Safety City.  He is wanting to go back and I know our trips next summer will consist of at least one stop at Safety City.

More information about this awesome place.  Admission is free for everyone.  You do have to sign a waiver upon entering.  Helmets will also be provided if the child doesn’t have one.  Also, according to my SIL, Safety City is closed to the public during the school year but open during limited time in the summer. I would check their website for specifics if you are planning a trip to Knoxville with kids anytime soon.

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