Adding Interest to Magazine Files

So let’s talk magazine files.  There are so many options these days.  My personal favorite are the wood magazine files.  You are after all putting magazine’s in them and they get heavy, real heavy, so wood just makes sense.  There are many tutorials out there for DIY wood magazine files, like this one, but I wanted a cheaper option for our office.  Plus I had these on hand already.  They are $1 for four. You really can’t get cheaper than that.

For our office space, once we built the desk, I spent a lot of time contemplating what to do on the wall above the desk.  It’s a large wall that I wish had windows on it but since that is out of the budget, I ultimately ended on two Rack shelves from Ikea.  I wanted shelving for a few reasons.  One is organization.  The paper situation is real. Anyone with a house or kids or cars know that the amount of paper that a house collects is ridiculous.  I needed a solution to the paper issue.  Something fast too. I don’t have time to hole punch, or file.  My solution was magazine files that I can just dump everything into and then in a month year I can sort through each bin and determine what needs kept and long term storage solution for that.  So magazine files were my solution and at $0.25 each, my budget friendly solution.

I lived with the plain Ikea files up on the shelf for a long time but all the white was getting to me.  So I decided to fancy them up.  Since I only spent twenty five cents on each, I could justify spending a little more money on these.  So I order this fancy gift wrap from one of my favorite shops, Rifle Paper Co.  I purchased the Birch wrapping paper.  It included 3 sheets for $8.50.  One sheet covered one magazine file.  Here’s how I did it.

First gather your supplies.

IMG_8421editAnd then you basically just wrap the magazine file like a present.  I started where the magazine file started and taped the paper to the magazine file so it would temporarily stay in place.IMG_8420edit I then painted on a small layer of mod podge and used a credit card to smooth the paper onto the magazine file.IMG_8422edit IMG_8423editOnce all sides are mod podged into place, I then worked on the bottom first.  I simply folded the paper like a present and mod podged all sides to stay in place.IMG_8424editIMG_8425editThe top was a little more difficult.  I cut the paper in sections so it would fold over the file easily.  

IMG_8707editIMG_8708editThe last step I did was hot glue a bookplate to the front.  I actually picked up a couple packs at Michaels that were on clearance for $2.00 for 4 of them.
IMG_8710editA few things to note if you are wanting to do this yourself.

  1. I chose to only use mod podge between the paper and the magazine file.  I debated using mod podge over the magazine file after the paper was applied to give it a sort of glossy finish but one thing about mod podge is if applied to paper, the paper will wrinkle very very easy.  If this paper was thicker consistency like card stock, I may have tried it.
  2. The gift wrap paper sheets are the same.  To get variation within each magazine file I did, I started at different places on each file.  I didn’t want the front of the files to align on each one so I varied the positioning of paper for each file I did.
  3. If you are wanting to do this, also look at other options.  For two of the files, I used plain craft paper.  I also have some leftover marbled contact paper from P’s kitchen remodel that I did this past Christmas that I thought about using on some other magazine files I have in our family room.
  4. Look for cheap bookplates at Michael’s and JoAnn’s.  One thing you can always do is spray paint them a fun color, or gold. I’m still loving gold.

Here’s a cost breakdown:

Magazine file: $0.25/each ($1.00 for four)
Gift Wrap Paper: $2.80/each sheet ($8.50 for 3 sheets)
Bookplates: $0.50/each ($2.00 for four)
Mod podge: $0 (already had on hand)
Total cost per magazine file: $3.55

IMG_2516edit IMG_2534edit

Adding interest to magazine files

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