An Almost Complete Office Space

Last year, we had an epiphany and realized we did not need four dining tables in our house.  So in an effort to use space more to our needs, we evaluated our needs and came up with a plan.  We eliminated our dining room and turned it into an office.  You can read about that journey here.

We started by buying stock cabinets from Home Depot.  We removed our chair rail and baseboards prior to putting the cabinets in. We decided on a counter top from Lowes that mimics butcher block, and then we built out the bases of each cabinet.  Once the cabinet bases were built out (no need for a kick plates on these cabinets since it’s an office space and not a kitchen), we covered the cabinets and wall with continuous trim to really give it that built in 2Here’s where I left off on social media platforms.

officeOh and to give more of a built-in look, we added some boards that run across the length of the counter to connect to each cabinet.  They were just simple 1×2’s.

And here is our office today.  The one big thing left that we want to do is replace the light. We really need to get on that.


IMG_2513edit IMG_2515edit IMG_2516edit IMG_2517edit IMG_2518edit IMG_2521edit IMG_2534edit IMG_2527editThe other side of the desk space still has a lot to be desired.  The book shelf is essential as it houses some of the kids books but it’s also one of our biggest enemy as it’s consistently disorganized.  The basket up top also houses swim diapers, which are no longer needed so some clean up is needed.IMG_2545editSource List: cabinets (Home Depot), Counter top (Lowes), handles (Target), floating shelves (Ikea), picture frames (Target), Counter height chairs (Target), glass canisters (Walmart), magazine files (tutorial to come tomorrow!)

A few of my favorite details about the office.  The large middle cabinet houses our printer.  I love having it out of site yet very easy to access.  It’s about all the middle cabinet can hold but it works since we each have a personal side cabinet.  Maybe if I get my but in gear and organize the drawers I’ll show inside the cabinets but spoiler, my side is jammed pack with stuff while Andy’s side is pretty much empty and clean.

Another favorite of mine is the makeover I did to some magazine files.  I’ll post the tutorial this week so stay tuned.

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