Finds under $50 – LC Edition

I have my favorite stores. I browse their online shops constantly.  This past weekend I was able to get out of the house sans kids for a 30 minute trip to Kohl’s with my mom and future sister-in-law.  My mom had Kohl’s cash.  Enough said.  While I love Kohl’s, I don’t make it there regularly for shopping.  One of my favorite collections though is the Lauren Conrad collection.  So I’d thought it would be fun to pull together my favorite finds during my recent trip. Also I just received my 30% off coupon in the mail.  In case you didn’t get one, you can use the code SPLURGE30.

Kohls LC collection fall 2016

ONE – I love the flow of the top as well as the lace.  At only $30, this is a great shirt to wear for all seasons, add a pendent necklace and call me sold.

TWO – I lost my bar necklace over a year ago.  This one is only $9 and I really like the curved bar look, it’s a little more feminine than the straight across bar.

THREE – My mom actually bought this shirt for my future sister-in-law for her birthday. It’s on sale for $30.

FOUR – This dress is on sale for $30.  I have a wedding to attend in October and the navy would work perfectly. Hmm.

FIVE – I love the print and the pleated skirt.  It’s on sale for $32.

SIX – $12 for a pendent necklace.  Folks it doesn’t get any cheaper or cuter than that.

SEVEN – I adore this shirt/sweater combo.  I would love to wear with white pants in spring, and darker pants in winter.  It’s on sale for $40.

Any one else eyeing anything at Kohls? Don’t forget your coupons and sign up for their rewards program!

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