An Ikea Review and Recap

I was invited to an exclusive blogger event at Ikea a few weeks ago.  I attended the event representing Cincinnati Moms Blog.  Side note: if you are a mother, go follow that blog now!  I brought along my good friend Barb to share in the event.

This event was to promote Ikea’s 2017 catalog, which was just released.  Their vision for this catalog is unfollowing expectations.  For example, there is sometimes an expectation to set the table properly.  Ikea wants to challenge you to inspire individuality.  Throughout the event, Ikea had set up different stations for us to scroll through.  There was a dinner station, a kids table station, a plant station, etc.  All these stations took a typical expectation and rolled it over to inspire and create a new vision.  The whole event was so inspiring for me.  I loved every minute of it.

IMG_8078IMG_8079Ikea offers so many different design options and the designers at the West Chester Ikea put together a wonderful dinner table showcasing just how many different styles you can create to turn the typical place setting upside down.  Here were a few of my favorite.IMG_8086IMG_8085IMG_8087Another thing I should mention about this awesome event was the access to so many great bloggers here in the Cincinnati area.  IMG_8090Here’s another great example of unfollowing expectations.  Want to have some adult friends over for a dinner or holiday party.  Cancel the babysitter and spend that money on a great kids table.  Incorporate the kids into your events. And the designers at Ikea really impressed by decorating this all encompassing, stay busy for hours kids table.

IMG_8082Throughout the event, we were able to try three different styled meatballs, some fancy drinks, and some amazing candy.

IMG_8091IMG_8084The above non-alcoholic drink was my favorite. And here’s the recipe for everyone at home to try:

  • 1 part Elderflower Syrup
  • 2 parts ginger ale
  • 2 parts sparkling soda
  • lemon and ginger to garnish

Another swoon worthy item were these kelly green bookcases.IMG_8088IMG_8077This just confirmed that I need to accent with Kelly green soon. Very very soon.

The members of the Ikea design team also set up a kitchen confessional, which was so fun.IMG_8092IMG_8071True story. #ihatecooking #butIwantanIkeaKitchen #Idontmakesense

After the event, each blogger was given an awesome swag bag.  Barb and I also went shopping until basically the store closed. I was pretty proud of myself for only buying two items. IMG_8075IMG_8074A big thank you goes out to the West Chester Ikea design team as well as Kitalena, Marketing Representative for West Chester Ikea for not only doing such a great job with this event but also a big thank you for the invite.

And because I love Ikea so much, I wanted to highlight a few of Ikea’s new items I’m especially eyeing this year.

new items at ikeaone | two | three | four | five | six | seven | eight | nine

What’s your favorite Ikea item? Do you use Ikea in your home to decorate? There are so many items for such a great price point. I especially love all the children items.


2 thoughts on “An Ikea Review and Recap

  1. What a great read Jenna! You’re so funny – I also want an IKEA kitchen, but cooking isn’t a passion of mine either. Baking however is another story. 🙈 And I now want to make the drive to go to the store…maybe I can talk the Hubby into it this weekend. 😉

    1. kraft mac n’ cheese is a dinner time staple! Thanks for reading and if you ever make the trip, let me know what you find? Ikea has so much stuff I discover new items all the time.

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