Fall Bucket List

Today I’m bringing to you my fall bucket list.  This is my favorite season and every year I make a to-do list of things I want to accomplish this year with my kiddos.
A few things:
1. I have never been to Gorman Farms and it’s literally right down the road from us.  They have a Sunflower Festival every year and every year we go to the same pumpkin patch (Blooms and Berries – which is so good and will probably go there this year just out of second nature), but I want to try a new to us farm this year.
2. Fall is the best time to plant mums as well as bulbs for next spring.  I planted over 50 tulip bulbs this past fall and I want to plant more in our backyard.  Fall is also the best time for planting shrubs if you are in the market.
3. Carving pumpkins is always fun but this year I want to have a pumpkin painting party for L&P and all their friends.
4. L and P are growing.  As they grow, I want to emphasize the importance of community and giving back.  One idea that I know their little toddler minds can comprehend  is to buy food and deliver that food to a food shelter.  Fall is a great time to give to your local food shelters as they stock up in preparation for the holidays.  If you’re local, here’s one we’ve given to in the past.
5. I’d love to take Liam to his first UC football game this year.  We are even looking into dates to attend a FCC game.  Another sporting event that we love to attend in the fall is Red’s baseball.  I’m not really into sitting in a crowded stadium sweating in the middle of summer to watch a baseball game, but ask me to go in the fall, I’m in.
6. This year we enrolled Liam in soccer.  I’ve already signed him up AND recruited a co-worker and her son. #winwin
7. Front door Halloween monster decorations have been around the Pinterest world for a few years now but this is the first year that my kids would both enjoy helping me decorate our door to be a monster.  Here are a few ideas in case you don’t know what I’m talking about.
So that’s our fall bucket list.  It’s still technically summer over here but with back to school happening, I wanted to be on my A-game.  What are some of your favorite fall activities? What’s one thing you have, HAVE to do every fall season? Sweatshirts? football games? Oktoberfest? I’d love to hear from you.

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