A Weekend Bathroom Makeover

My sister-in-law (Andy’s sister) has this half bath and at the beginning of spring, they started taking down the floor to ceiling wallpaper.  Blue wallpaper to be exact.  Well after the tedious task, they asked if we would be willing to come down and help them finish the makeover.  With paint, tile and bathroom remodels high on our fun list (no really it is), we headed down there this past weekend to help them out.

First step was to create a mood board for them.  The walls were in a little bit of rough shape…oh and I should mention my SIL has three children.  So one thing we discussed was added some sort of board and batten or bead board to the bottom half.  They also wanted to keep the tile floor and the toilet.  Everything else though had to go.

So let’s start with what the beginning looked like.  Beginning to the weekend that is.  This is after wallpaper was removed although you can get a glimpse of the wallpaper that is behind the toilet.

First step was to remove the vanity and toilet and remove the remaining wallpaper.

We then went with bead board.  We used some glue to affix to wall with some finishing nails.  We then added some one inch trim above it.

To add another element, we added some mosaic tile to above the bead board.  Now I have to give credit to Andy for this one.  I wasn’t too keen on the idea but he’s been wanting to do something like this all summer and he finally had the opportunity with the homeowners on board so he went with it.  And I will admit, he was right.  The added detail is exactly what this bathroom needed.

We added another piece of one inch trim above the tile and then gave all the trim and bead board two coats of semi-gloss paint in white.

After grouting the tile, it was time to move in the vanity, toilet, baseboards and new light.

We then painted the top half of the wall.  Now I must say, when I say “we” in this post, I mainly mean Andy.  I was busy at the pool with the kids and SIL all weekend :).  This picture is how we left it late Sunday night.

And here is how the bathroom looks now.  My SIL sent me an updated pic and all I can say is accessories change everything.

So what’s your thoughts on the tile strip in the bathroom? Anyone else loving this trend?  Also, I’d like to note that all these photos were taken on an iPhone so quality is not that great.  And the one thing you can’t really see here is the light fixture my SIL chose, it holds Edison light bulbs and it’s my favorite piece.


2 thoughts on “A Weekend Bathroom Makeover

  1. You did a great job! I'm glad you were able to go down there to do this for your SIL! The tile really does add just the right touch.

    Heather Bock

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