Fourth of July Two Thousand Sixteen

This past fourth of July was a rainy one.  Our neighborhood does a fantastic children’s parade but due to poor planning on our part and mother nature, we missed the parade.  So without any other option, I brought props and decorations to my MIL’s where my SIL and her family were staying for the week and made our own parade.  After decorating all the vehicles, we got to work.

While I was decorating, Andy decided to take the training wheels off of Liam’s bike.  And with a few tries, Liam did it.  Now let’s talk about that for a second.  I purchased a balance bike for Liam when he was 18 months.  It was about the same time Payten was born and thought it would be a good activity for Liam to do while I nursed that summer.  At first, Liam only walked on the balance bike for a couple of months.  Sometimes he wasn’t even sitting on the seat.  As time went by, Liam started really riding the balance bike, going fast and lifting up his feet to cruise.  He had mastered balancing last summer and it took until this summer to get him a bike with pedals.  It took Liam a few weeks to master pedaling so we left the training wheels on.  I also want to note, bikes are Liam’s thing.  He rides his bike everyday.  And for all the rule following moms, don’t worry, he wears a helmet (that’s because he had a pretty bad fall that scared me to death a few days ago but luckily he was not scarred, emotionally that is, physically, yes, there are scars to be had).

So we had our parade, up and down the driveway a couple of times.

P’s face here, I’m not sure what she’s thinking.

So although that’s a recap of our fourth of July parade, there was so much to be had that week.  Like I mentioned above, my SIL was in town and we sort of had a stay-cation with them and it was so fun.  I probably won’t be able to sort through all the photos from that week until next year (#notthebesttrackrecord) but if there’s a miracle and I do, I’ll share some highlights.

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