Chicago Trip Recap

A few weekends ago, Andy and I dropped the kids off at my parents for three nights and drove to Chicago with my sister and brother-in-law.  We arrived early Friday morning, found parking, and then made our way out to Wrigley for a Cubs game.

Let me preface this with saying that I’m not a big sports person but I do love any sporting event I get to attend in person.  From the atmosphere to the food, I’m all sports when it comes to attending a game.  Being in Chicago, I’ve never been to Wrigley Field and the moment you step inside the stadium it’s like 1920 hits you in the face.  There is really no other way to describe it other than something out of a movie.  The other awesome thing about the game was the encouragement from the fans.  No matter what the stressful situation was, there was no “boo’s” coming from the fans.  I really wish Cincinnati would embrace this mentality.  Uplift and support your teams no matter the bad pitch that comes or how bad they are losing.  Andy kept reminding me that the Cubs are really good right now but even when there was a bad inning, the attitude the fans had was pretty awesome to witness.

After the game, we headed to the famous Giordano’s pizza.

Later that night, after we checked into the hotel, we roamed the city, found a beer festival and soaked in the lights.

The next day we woke up and had a fantastic breakfast.

Then headed to the Pier to take a boat tour on the lake.

We then headed to Lincoln Park/Old Town area for lunch.
A few drinks later we headed to Second City to see a show.  Ever heard of Second City Comedy Club? It’s one of the most influential comedy clubs in America.  Stars like Tina Fey, Dan Ackroyd, Chris Farley, Jim Belushi, Steve Carell and many many more.  So being someone who loves shows, this was a must for our Chicago visit.  And let me tell you, the show did not disappoint.  With comedy shows you really don’t know what you are getting yourself into sometimes as the vulgarity can be overwhelming but this show was very well put together and there were several times during the night I was crying so hard from laughing.
This was our last night in Chicago so after the show, we grabbed some dinner and caught fireworks at the Pier.

This was a great getaway and I’m so glad we took the time and organized this trip.  Two years ago, Andy and I took a trip, just us two, to Arizona for a long weekend.  We vowed then to do this every year, a trip away with no kids, to reconnect, focus on one another and I’m so glad we are 2 for 2.  Our first couple years of marriage were so busy with work, masters programs and CPA studying that we never really took time to get away just us two.  It’s something I wish we did before we had kids, traveled more.  It’s my marriage advice at all bridal showers.  The thing is, you don’t need a whole week away with no kids, in fact I don’t think we will ever take a whole week just ourselves, we’d miss the kids too much.  Do any of you make time each year for an adult only trip?  What are some of your favorite destinations? I’m thinking about trying to do a long weekend this fall with Andy at Hocking Hills.  Anyone else been?

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