Favorite Friday Picks Vol. 4

This weeks favorite picks are desktop and iPhone wallpapers.  I feel like I have a wealth of knowledge about the fashion and DIY world just based on the blogs I read skim on a weekly basis. Readers like Bloglovin help me easily stay up to date on my favorite blogs.  One question I got a lot lately was about my desktop wallpaper and my iPhone wallpaper, both of which are below.  I’m constantly changing them to go with the seasons.  Below I’ve listed out five of my favorite FREE wallpaper downloads with some bonus ones at the end.  All of these bloggers/websites release new downloadable wallpaper almost monthly so if you see one you like, check back regularly to get a new one.

1 – This first option is from a watercolor pattern designer, Barbra Ignatiev.  Every week she releases new free downloadable wallpaper in order to “beautify your phone background and inspire you to live a bold and happy life”.  Don’t you love that?  I’m just in love with her work and love that her designs come in things like prints, clothing and fabric.

2 – Blessed is She is a blog I have been reading for awhile.  It’s a community of women writing a Catholic blog geared towards women and the daily word.  Almost weekly they release free downloadable wallpaper.  Click here to see all that they have released so far…warning, it’s almost to 70 options!

3 – Design Love Fest is another favorite. With constant new releases for free downloads, I’m in my happy place.

4 – This one is from Kate Spade’s blog.  Yes, THE Kate Spade.  See the blog here and here is the section you want to click to see all their free downloadable wallpaper releases.

5 – This last one I stumbled across.  It’s not my normal go to for desktop or iPhone wallpaper.  It was the West Elm blog.  Flamingos are the bird of 2016.  The owl is out and this pink quirky bird is in.  They are everywhere and rightfully so.  This is currently my phone’s background.
As a bonus for reading (as if you don’t need more options to choose from), two other sources are Lauren Conrads blog and the Ashley Brooke Designs blog.  Both have some great downloads for wallpaper options.
So there’s my favorites post.  Now get out there and beautify your phones.  It will bring a little more joy to your everyday, trust me!  Come back and comment on your favorite pick, I’d love to know what you chose and what you are digging this summer.  Palm trees, flamingos, watermelon???

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