Kids Bathroom Makeover – The Vision

It’s getting to the point we use the kids bathroom more and more.  That line may seem weird for some parents but with a master bathroom, the kids did everything in our bathroom (brush their teeth, shower, use the bathroom, etc.).  We were always in there getting ready in the morning or at night so just made sense to keep their toothbrush in there with ours.  Save a few steps ya know.  Well here’s the kids bathroom now.  Note that these next two photos were taken when we did the walkthrough of our house so the furnishings were the previous owners but it still doesn’t look much better than this.

Although I have lots I want to do with this bathroom long term like replace the floor with tile, replace the vanity, replace the tub and tile all the way to the ceiling, etc, there are some quick fixes to spruce this bathroom up that I’m going to try to tackle here in the next month year.

First is to remove the wallpaper border and paint the walls.  I’m thinking Benjamin Moore’s Classic Gray color.  Next I want to paint the vanity.  Did you know Target sells paint and in small sample bottles.  This color is called Compass and I’m smitten over it. So since our cabinets are old and new ones are not in the budget, I’m going to test this out.  Add a new light, new towels, rugs, shelves and artificial plants will give this bathroom a good face lift.
I’m planning to try to tackle this small makeover over the summer but I’m finding my summer nights are spent mostly at the pool.  I’m hoping a little bit of work each night will get me there.  Truth is I’m dying over not having a DIY project right now so hopefully this small makeover will fill that void.

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