Strawberry Pickings

One Saturday June morning, I picked my mom up and headed to a local strawberry farm for some strawberry picking.

My mom has a small strawberry garden at her house and the kids always go picking strawberries but we totally missed the season this year so I wanted to go to a farm and pick some.  My kids also love strawberries, like I buy around 4 packs of strawberries at the grocery a week!  So this trip was two fold, 1) have fun picking strawberries and 2) feed my kiddos for at least a solid week!
Payten actually loved this activity.  Don’t mind the fact she picked all rotten strawberries but she kept yelling “I got one” overtime she spotted something red.
She also kept getting straw in her crocs and had to stop and clean off her feet.

I love this photo. Whenever P does something funny, Liam throws his hands to his face and laughs.  I love that I captured this.

Liam got hot fast and was all over the act of picking strawberries about 5 minutes in.

You can see here how hot it was. Their faces are flushed.


Ever wonder what thirty dollars of strawberries looks like? Now you don’t have to wonder.

She’s so interested.

Ever wonder what two hours of cutting up strawberries looks like? Payten actually was with me the whole first hour.  She kept eating them but at least it’s a fruit and not a fruit snack.

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