A Day at the Zoo

Back in May, my company had their annual outing at the zoo.  I was pumped.  I admit, we don’t make it to the zoo as often as we should and it’s been a whole year since we’ve last been with the kids.  I knew with their ages that this experience would so fun for them.  When we got there, we ate lunch with my co-workers and they offered free face painting.  I asked Liam if he wanted his face painted and he said yes.  I was skeptical.  He doesn’t like when strangers make eye contact with him or talk to him and this required them touching him. No way I thought. So we waited in line and started discussing what to get on his face.  Right now Liam is really into super hero’s.  His favorite is Captain America and Spiderman.  He has actually never seen a show with these said super hero’s but because he’s around older boys, he knows that Spiderman climbs up walls and Captain America has a shield.  Well one of the super hero shows he does watch is PJ Masks on Disney.  It’s a cute show for toddlers where the three toddlers in the show turn to super hero with super powers at night.  Liam’s favorite is Greg who turns to Gecko.  Liam’s favorite color right now is also green so that coupled with the fact that the other superhero is called cat boy, which is just hilarious take on batman, all led Liam to want a gecko painted on his face.  He held my hand the entire time and was definitely nervous.  But he was brave and didn’t cry once which is huge in my book.  He faced his fears even though they were scary and he was just so tickled that they painted his face.  After watching Liam get his face painted, P also decided to have hers painted as well.  I asked the girl painting about an unicorn for P and she came back and said what about a flower. Sure.


We stopped at the polar bear exhibit at prime time.  Swim time that was. The kids were loving watching him swim his laps back and forth.

The only animal Liam requested to see this day was the elephant. What’s awesome about this exhibit is the designated place to sit and watch the elephants.  We hit this exhibit up at the right time of the trip.  Kids were wanting to get out of the stroller and climb and jump and this exhibit provided that, while also provided shade.  It was cold that day but my kids will still burn on chilly but sunny days.  We had some snacks at this exhibit while watching the majestic animals. It was seriously perfect.  The other thing was that this “observing area”was closed off.  Meaning there was only one entrance and one exit.  We parked the stroller and just made sure the kids didn’t go past it.  Ahh-mazing.  I also used this little break time to capture some photos.

It’s so fun to see what everyone’s favorite animal or exhibit is at the zoo because I feel like each time it’s different.  I actually took two zoology classes while at UC that were held at the zoo so it’s always fun for me to see what I remember about all the different animals.  Here were our favorites during this trip: Andy – lions, Me – giraffes, L – elephants, and P – polar bear (she actually threw the biggest temper tantrum leaving that exhibit because she wanted to stay but we were sure we maxed out our prime spot when we were there for a solid 15 minutes!).  What’s your favorite exhibit at the zoo? Any secret tips for conquering the zoo with little ones?

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