2016 Travel Goals

This year we are playing all of our low-key cards when it comes to vacations and house projects. And although 2016 is pretty much half over, we really do all of our traveling in the second half of the year due to Andy’s school schedule an my accounting busy season.  So here’s what’s on my list for the rest of 2016.  Five places, all within driving distance.

1. Chicago.  Andy and I are actually going for a long weekend with my sister and brother-in-law to Chicago soon as an adult only trip.  We are so looking forward to getting away and reconnecting.

2. Gatlinburg.  Another trip already planned is a trip to Gatlinburg with my SIL and her family.  We actually went down to Gatlinburg in January for a long weekend but looking forward to another trip as this one won’t involve snow.
3. Hocking Hills.  I have actually never been to Hocking Hills.  Crazy I know.  Now that our kids can do some mild hiking, I want to take an all day trip out there this fall when the leaves are changing.  It’s also a goal of mine to really start exploring all the wonderful places Ohio has to offer.
4. Indianapolis Children’s Museum.  Again, never been but I always here so many awesome things about this.  We also have some friends over in Indy with two little girls around the same age as L and P so hoping to try to plan a day trip to meet up.
5. St. Joseph, Michigan.  I’ve heard so many great things about the beaches in Michigan and with the drive only 4-5 hours to get there, I’m sold.  Also, the Tim Allen Michigan commercials have had me wanting to visit for a VERY long time.  I would love to squeeze in a three day weekend to St. Joseph before Andy goes back to school.

What’s on your summer travel bucket list? What local places in Ohio do you love visiting? I’d love to add some places to my bucket list.

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