A Week of Outfits | Vol 1

Fashion has never really been on my priority list since I got pregnant with Liam in 2012.  When Liam was 9 months old, I got pregnant with Payten.  I didn’t lose all my baby weight from Liam (which was 50+ pounds) before I gained another 50+ pounds with Payten.  Fashion was hard during that three year span since my weight fluctuated so much.  I would buy something, only to lose weight and it not fit. Even though I have more weight to lose and some toning to do, I am finally starting to feel comfortable in this new body that my kids left me.  The key is to find pieces that accent the good parts and not the bad.  So let’s recap some of my favorite spring looks.

A pop of color is my favorite thing this summer.  Also white jeans. Can you tell?

This dress is from Kohls (Vera Wang) and it’s my favorite. It even has pockets!

This next one is my outfit from my first wedding photography gig I did this past weekend. The wedding was outside and very hot but a successful first wedding shoot.

This next outfit is my current spring favorite. This shirt is from Target and so comfortable and and the cut is very flattering.
And to top off this post, a picture of little miss P’s outfit.  I love when she wears a ball cap.


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