DIY Marbled Art

Have you seen marbled paper? Who am I kidding, I know you have.  It’s all over Pinterest.  And all over gift wrap.  Here are some of my favorites (here, here and here).  Well back in the winter I decided to follow all those nail polish tutorials to creating my own marbled art.
First I had my assistant lay everything out.  Here’s what you need:
-a pan with shallow water
-a variety of nail polishes (just raid your own stash)
-card stock paper
-latex gloves
-newspaper or craft paper for protection of spills

First you need to make a comb.  I took two strips of cardboard from a cereal box.  Take one strip of cardboard and lay the toothpicks out like a comb. Use tape or a hot glue gun and secure the toothpicks to the cardboard.  Place the second strip of cardboard on top of the “comb” with glue or tape.

Before you begin anything, remove the kids from the room and open all the windows.  The fumes are intense.  Also make sure you have covered the area where you are working with craft paper or newspaper.  Also, latex gloves.

First, start with a pan of water at room temperature.  You don’t need a lot of water in the pan so just stick with a shallow pan for easier cleanup.  Note: you have to work fast once you pour all of your polish into the water so have your comb ready.  Start by pouring drops of polish all over the water, using as many colors as you want.  Next use your comb and run it from one side of the pan to the other.  Add in swirls where you want.  Once you have your design, take a pice of card stock and touch it to the water.  Do not fully submerge it.  The polish will take hold of the paper once it touches it.  Leave the paper in the water for a few seconds before taking out to ensure all the polish has transferred.  Allow to dry for a few hours, preferably in a well ventilated place.

This was so easy but I think I want to try it with some other colors.  My main nail polish color is shades of red so I didn’t have much to work with.  I’ve heard people say to get nail polish at the dollar store for this project so I’m going to try that soon.  I also have a small wood box that I want to try to “marbleize” so I’ll try this method with wood.

So what did you guys think? Is this a project that you would consider doing? What marbleized pieces do you admire?
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