Favorite Friday Picks Vol. 3

This week all my favorite picks are spaces.  Let’s dig in.
1. Have you checked out Obama’s residence after he leaves the white house in 2017? Check it out here.  It’s incredible. This house pretty much defines what I love in a house style.

 2. I’m constantly dreaming of bedrooms these days.  Our master bedroom needs a major makeover and I’m debating internally whether to have our kids share rooms and if they do, what that style will look like.  Here’s a master bedroom makeover that I’m swooning over.

 3. This kitchen is what I believe my kitchen should look like.  Even the subtle hints of gold have me like whoa. #dreaming

 4. This nursery accent wall is just genius and so amazing.  Too bad I won’t have the opportunity to do another nursery, although cutting these out with a jigsaw may literally take me a whole year.

 5. Last but not least is this family room/den makeover.  Young House Love came out of hiding this week with a post on their new space and I’m just digging everything from the color of the couch to the rug.  Persian rugs are coming back and it’s a great way to add a classic touch to a modern room.

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